Storyline Blood, Redemption, and a Target

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  1. The camera comes in to show the trees of green and birds singing. The camera pans left, showing more trees, only unlike the first, these ones are brown and orange, the colors of death. We continue to pan and we can see run down brick and wood houses. One of them seems to be vandalised, “Welcome to Scull Shores”. The camera pans into the house itself, going into the basement of the house. The floor and walls are concrete, covered in cracks, and the only light is a small bulb hanging off the wall. In the room, we can see the animal known to the people as Cousin Eddy playing with Hot Wheels on the floor of the room. He's going all out with the small pieces of metal, when footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs. Eddy doesn't seem to be fazed by the sound, but the camera quickly turns to the source of the sound. Doctor Cyrus Occult can be seen, and he turns to the camera. Only his eyes can be seen through his leather bird mask, but the cruelty can be felt miles away.

    You have come? Here? How curious… I had figured you people have abandoned us, nothing we have not dealt with before, believe me, but never so quickly…

    Cyrus walks in the direction of Eddy, and we follow the turn. Cousin Eddy is now standing tall in his overalls with a large smile on his face and a cold stare in his eyes.

    Ever since our last appearance, a… disappointing loss to Eric Draven… the shadows seemed to consume us. Dark, dark, and yet darker it seemed as everyone looked at us like…

    Occult growls and walks up to Eddy and quietly chuckles.

    Even a gazelle has the power to escape the mighty lion with enough heart.

    Occult grabs Eddy by the beard, and pulls Eddy down to his own height.

    And the lion who allows his prey to escape will die of hunger.

    Occult lets go of Eddy, who starts to look slightly more aggressive. Cyrus takes a deep breath and chuckles to himself some more.

    But every error comes with redemption. Edward, you have allowed prey to escape without a scratch, now we must balance the scale with a.. brutal mutilation.

    Cyrus reaches into his jacket and pulls out a photo. He hands it to the manchild.

    I have found someone expendable, someone who will not be missed. Remember this face. This man can help you, except not like I can help you. This man is only able to help in one way, with blood. This man is a piece to the puzzle that will repair you, Edward. Allow me to do all the hard and challenging work for you, because I care, all I ask of you is to get that piece by tearing him to bloody pieces.

    Eddy nods his head and drops the photo.

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    Doctor Occult’s boots step near the picture.

    Jonathan, this is not a challenge, and this is not a proposition. This, dear boy, is a warning, but do not be scared. Even a gazelle can escape the lion if its heart is big enough.

    Cyrus steps on the picture, leaving a dirty bootmark over the photo of Johnny's face.

    So at Uprising, it would be wise to rip that heart right out of your chest. Have a nice day, Mr. Thunder, while you still can.

    @Ellis Sullivan - Johnny Thunder
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    The arena lights fade, the camera pans to the stage and Johhny Thunder music hits, the lights burst in to action. Smoke rises from under the stage floor, the beat drops and Johhny dashes through the smoke. The crowd burst into a cheers as Johnny goes down on one knee and points to the sky. He sprints to the ring, he climbs the turnbuckle and gestures to the crowd to cheers louder; the crowd accept Johnny's request and multiply the noise levels in the arena. Johnny signals for a mic.

    So then, Mr.Eddie you want a fight, great, so do I, but I want to fight a real man unlike your self. A man that has the balls, has the courage, has the desire to call myself out and challenge me; instead you chose to do it on your on, where I couldn't hurt you or scare you, well you chose the wrong guy to do that to.

    Johnny smirks at the crowd as they begin to cheer for him.

    You call yourself a lion and myself a gazelle and that a gazelle can escape if it's heart is big enough, trust me I won't need to escape, the only thing that will want to is your desire to fight after I'm finished with you. A warning is what your giving me huh, I recall a warning is when something might actually hurt and I don't see that happening at Uprising.

    Johnny pauses for a while, he clears his throat and begins to talk again.

    Every great fighter starts off somewhere, Muhammad Ali started with Zbigniew Pietrzkowski, Anderson Silva started with Chris Weidman and Johnny Thunder will start with you Eddie.

    Johnny Thunder starts pacing around the ring slowly.

    Every great man is born, Martin Luther King on January 15th 1929, Nelson Mandela on July 18th 1918, but I will be born next week and Uprising and the birth of Johnny Thunder's career will begin.

    Johnny smiles at the camera as his music hits, the crowd cheers Johnny as he walks back up the ramp and exits the arena.
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