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  1. The camera is focused on a crumpled piece of paper on the floor, blood drips on it. The note reads "See You Soon". Blood keeps dripping until the camera pans up to Adam, sitting in the trainers room backstage. He's getting the last of his stitches after his attack. He slowly puts an ice pack on the back of his neck. He looks at the camera, the man behind the camera asks "Do you have anything to say? Does this attack surprise you?"

    "Do you think any of this surprises me? Nothing Scott Fargo does or ever will do surprises me. When you know someone for so long you begin to understand how their mind works and you begin to know their moves before they even take them and I knew what I was walking into tonight. Tonight was the declaration of war and my blood has drawn the battle lines. I'll face Rio, that's not a matter of discussion here. He's a muscleman, he's the support for Scott Fargo and if I need to face them all I'll do it because my end goal wont change. Somehow, Someday I will figure out a way to get my hands on him.

    "Do you have any words for Scott Fargo directly?"

    "Where is the man I knew? Where is your passion, that drive, that love you had for all of this? Because the man I knew wouldn't be denying me what I want, he would never deny a fight like this. I'm not afraid to walk into this battleground alone against your army. You can stand on top of every mountain, every canyon and talk about your view from the top but sooner or later, it all catches up to you and I will take great pleasure in forcing you to fall down that mountain and I know nothing I say will ever bring back the old you but I want you to find him, deep inside of you I want to you rediscover your old self because when I get my hands on you I want to be fighting the real you.

    Adam crushes the piece of paper in his hand as he walks out of the trainers office.
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  2. What?
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  3. Fargo hears his phone vibrate signaling a new notification, he then reaches into the pocket of his jeans and retrieves his phone. He opens the lockscreen and sees the first notification read that Adam has posted a new video on Fargo scoffs and shakes his head.

    "This fuckin' guy."

    Fargo shuts his phone off and slides it back in his pocket as he continues watching Chris Kaizer matches on his TV.
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  4. Adam, you have a well-worded promo, but your character is tragically under-developed. Your character is, basically, a guy that knows Scott Fargo. It reminds me of Bram's debut in early 2014. He just showed up saying he was Magnus' friend, and that was it. It took him 8 months before he can get into his own, because the premise of his character was so vague. I know you've been back for like 3 weeks, but I still expect more depth from you. Maybe you can prove me wrong, with the follow up promos and against Aurtle.
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