Promos BLUE, dead already? (Dylan Gray)

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  1. The camera cuts backstage, where fans were shocked to see, not BLUE, but Dylan Gray, looking distraught.

    "You know, I worked my life for this, and a silly little loss turned into 2 silly little losses, I got distracted and thought a change would do, a change to be more lively, a change for the better, but what's that? You people didn't accept me, you people didn't want me."

    "But... but you know what, I didn't need you people in the first place, i'm fine, completely fine."

    Gray inhales, then exhales.

    "You people aren't worth it. Not worth it...."

    "I'm fine, on my own."

    "You know why i'm here, not to please you people. But to please myself."

    "For all I care.... for all I care you can shove your heads up Aids ass, shove your heads up Nicks ass... I don't need that support, i'm good enough on my own."

    "I will conquer.... I will run riot... I will destroy...."

    "The Gray way...."

    The screen goes static.
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  3. As BLUE, I would've jobbed to I Got Beat By Ryan Davis, I didn't want that boyo
  4. The Gray way? do you want me to bury you again?! XD
  5. Gray went into meltdown after that loss, kinda what i'm trying with the character.
  6. Why turn face just to immediately turn heel after one loss?
  7. I tried the BLUE character, but couldn't handle it.
  8. The Gray Way... as Gray as his gimmick can get
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