Promos BLUE needs a match....

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  1. BLUE jogs out onto the ramp, does a little dance, and dabs just before the drop in his theme song, he laughs and starts jumping down the ring in his signature cloak, fans chanting his theme. BLUE gets into the ring via jumping over the ropes and gets on the top turnbuckle, he does another little dance before slipping off the turnbuckle.

    "Ladies and gentlemen!"

    Crowd cheers

    "I am BLUE, but you may already know that, i've been here for a couple of days, and I already see what this place is, I love it, full of spirit, full of great, great, and yes, great, athletes, for the most part. There's a few people on this current roster that 1. Don't deserve to be here, or 2. Too big headed. There are people that take this way too seriously, and people that don't take it seriously enough.

    "What do you see when you see people like Aids Johnson, Jack Forte, Michael, Nick and all the others, superstars! But what about when you see other people, not to throw around names, but people that couldn't care less, people that pretend to teleport to the ring, fuck peoples dads, and all the others, but you know what I call them? RED, BLUE is the good, RED is the bad, RED people are the people that don't deserve to be here, and trust me people, there any manyyyy RED people on the current roster."

    "But saying that, i'm a bit lost at the minute, being the face beating, kebab eating, great feeling dance champ of the IWT, I feel I deserve a match, my first match, a special match, and don't worry BLUEtopian people, I will win, boy better know that, but mhm, I need an opponent, anyone, come anyone, I'll face anyone, c'mon, come at me."

    Gray sticks his tounge out and starts jumping around waiting for someone.
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  2. OK you vs me 1v1 on saturday night vice see you there bro
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    VICE hasn't even been announced yet. Jesus christ.
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  4. But he runs it trsa.
    He's the GM.
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