Storyline Blurry

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  1. "It's thumping, I can hear the audience cheering as my theme is not played. Everything is turning, I can't see to look straight. I hear voices, I feel sick, I don't know what's happening... What's wrong with me?"

    Aiden is shown laying in the ring, blood gushing out of his mouth and nose as the referee's are rushing into the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and checking on the condition of a very beat downed Aiden Ryan.

    "The Arena has gone silent, but i hear echo's of voices... Why does it sound like i'm underwater? Why is everything so blurry? I need help..."

    With his head being tilted up the referee's begin to shin a light into the eyes of Aiden, they slowly lower him and one of the referee's hold their arms up in an "X" signal.

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  2. Finally the mofo is dying, jk.