Bobby Lashley says he has 'unfinished business' in WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Feb 1, 2012.

  2. I wish he did come back. Was always a fan.
  3. Probably my second favourite wrestler behind Edge.
  4. @[Crayo], could you fix my post for me? My laptop only lets me post so much before I have to post again. That's why there is so many [HR ]'s.
  5. I liked him from an in ring stand point. He would be a plus imo, provided he's fully motivated.
  6. Fixed it for you @[RKO].
  7. This! Im a huge Lashley fan! He jus had somethin bout him plus as ppl have mentioned was an is motivated would always give 110%! Would mqrk more for Lashley than Lesnar who imo is a Goldberg clone!
  8. Tbh same. Even though Lesnar was also athletic in the ring for his size, Lashley done some incredible things. I don't care for Lashley's lack of mic skills, his ability made up for it.
  9. Lashley yup lack of mic skills but his in ring ability was beyond amazing!
  10. Thanks @[Crayo] <3

    Anyways, yeah, Lashley was decent on mic, and his in-ring ability was phenominal, not to mention, his spears.
  11. And his spinebusters, they're underrated. I don't really know too many who hit a spinebuster better.
  12. Batista.
  13. I always found Arn Anderson to be the god of spinebusters personally. I'll have to have a look at Bobby's variation. Also HHH and Farooq had great variations.
  14. :cry::cry:

    i miss lashley
  15. I honestly could see Bobby in main events and being on top.
  16. totally agree bro his in ring ability could carry him if worked correctly a silent assassin @[Goldberg]
  17. I agree. Batista's spine busters are amazing.
  18. If only @[Crayo] would realize Batista had the better of the spinebusters in his time..
  19. No way!

  20. Just saying.
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