Bonds, Respect, and Fans.

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  1. *Thirty minutes after Dazzle finally leaves the ring. The lights go out. A spotlight shines on the stage.*

    *The Jwab slowly walks out on the stage. He has the Hardcore Title that seems to have been remade around his waist while the X-Division title is strapped around his shoulder and chest. He makes his way to the ring while the crowd boo him. He slips into the ring and gets a mic. He seems kind of frustrated.*

    Hola mi bromigos! I know what you guys are thinking, I am afraid of Dazzle. No no no, that is the opposite of why I'm out here. The reason I waited for him to leave is because people don't get to challenge me... I think they forget that I'm a movie star. Me just coming out here is like giving everyone a free pass to call me out here, no. But, like I said.. he is not the reason why I am out here. I think you all know why I am here. Carson, show the footage!

    *Points at the titantron. - It shows Jwab vs. Victoria Parker from last night. Victoria Parker seemed reluctant to fight and was trying to leave but Jwab mocked her til she fought. It shows the end where Jwab hit the Hollywood Bomb (Suplexe into Powerbomb) onto thumbtacks and earned the 1,2,3. Jwab stands up while the ref gives him the X-Division title and puts the remains of the Hardcore title in a ziploc bag. Jwab seems happy in the middle of the ring in a hard fought match but the crowd are continuously chanting for Victoria Parker. Jwab slowly puts the titles down and stares at the crowd with disgust before heading to the back. - Jwab wipes his mouth and goes to speak again*

    You know, that was an alright match. Not what I was hoping for, you know... but what really got me is how much you guys care for a psychotic quitter. She was trying to walk out on you guys and you guys just keep on chanting her name. Again... and again and again... You guys went online on every single social media outlet and were outraged that I won the title from Victoria Parker and beat her til she could not move no longer. I guess there is a problem somewhere around there but still. Do you think I wanted that match just for the title? I wanted that match so you guys could cheer me. I gave you all a chance and honestly, it wasn't my fault that she hates every single one of you and is currently sleeping with the enemy. I just want to know, WHY? WHY DON'T YOU CHEER ME. After everything I've done for you... I got rid of three psychopaths in under a year. THREE OF THEM.

    *Crowd chants bullshit*

    Bullshit? Do I need to lay this out for you? Let's start with the first guy, Jacob Colton. Do you know where he is? In the bottom of a lake with a hundred dead sheep. Second, Nick. I ended his career when he I took the one thing from him that kept him relevant, the X-Division title. Figuratively, Nick could have had a second briefcase if he beat me at SummerSlam, but like every SummerSlam, I always come out on top. Last but not least, Victoria Parker.... I beat her to the point that she is sitting over in FSW right now. Pretty sad of you, Vick. If you are watching... but... where is my respect. The people watching my movies give me respect. Protectors Of The Universe has opened millions of doors for me to choose and chose here. I'm still here. WHERE IS MY RESPECT. That is all I want... Just.. give me that. How must I prove it to you all? Defeat Dazzle at Uprising? Is that what it is...


    You know what Dazzle, I'm sorry I didn't come out here and talk to you face to face. Sorry. You want a shot at the Hardcore title but you still want the X-Division title? You know what. I'm gonna give you an opportunity that you will absolutely love. I am going to place BOTH of my titles on the line against you at this week's Uprising. Are you guys happy now?

    *The crowd cheers*

    Thanks for your cheers. Not as loud as that time I got to present the first trailer of Protectors Of The Universe, but still, pretty loud.

    Mr. Dazzle, see you at Uprising.

    OOC - Build to Uprising match ig.​
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