Bones Jackson - Newest FNW Wrestler

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  1. A Normal day at the club, for Bones Jackson anyway. Crazy Rave music plays as a rainbow of colors flicker and flash, and we find our Skeleton-based masked hero standing on top of a chair on top of a bar counter, dancing, doing the Monkey(of Johnny Bravo fame), while holding the FNW Contract. The crowd is clapping, cheering him on, and suddenly, he backflips off, landing onto the ground, grabbing the chair and throwing it up in the air. It lands on the bartender's head, taking him pretty much out, as Bones looks back at him, then at the crowd, saying only two words.


    The crowd cheers as, he holds the FNW Contract up above his head, as the party continues.

    ((Just a short intro, to get things started, XD))
  2. Who are you again?
  3. That one statement, has stopped Bones from dancing and celebrating, pretty much bringing the whole party to a standstill.

    "Who is Bones Jackson? A valid question. Bones Jackson was a man thought to be dead, a man who was stranded in a desert in Texas. He survived through that and took up the mantle of pro wrestling. Trained by Texas Locals, he had to survive to move up there as well. Then he was signed to FNW. The newest signing for the company. Trust me when I say, he'll survive there as well.

    I'm not surprised you haven't heard of me, but I can promise you, you'll remember me. Trust me, you'll remember me when I make my long-awaited impact."
  4. 5 words you need to remember: THE SMASHER WILL SMASH YOU!