Book your own Wrestlemaina

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  1. Ok so this is for a bit of fun so here is mine

    Wrestlemaima 34

    Arena - Turf Moor Burnley
    Matches - Sting vs The undertaker for the world championship

    What is yours
  2. John Cena vs Roman Reigns in a 3 hour ironman match for the wwe title. :pity2:
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  3. Chris Benoit vs. Hulk Hogan - Winner gets inserted back into history.
  4. What is it with you and chris benoit
  5. He's my favorite human being :true:
  6. He killed his wife , son and himself
  7. Your point being?
  8. Well yes he is a legend but he is a guy who murder his wife and son
  9. Grado is fat
  10. And
  11. Is horrible in the ring, but people only like him because he wears fanny packs and talks funny.
  12. ICW World Champion
  13. lolicw
  14. Ok then i challenge you to a fight on iwtmaina next year
  15. Cena vs orton
  16. The Undertaker vs HHH vs Finn Bálor in a "Who Gets To The Ring First" match. :smirk2:
  17. Fandango/Breeze vs American Alpha main event.
  18. "4 HOURS GODAMMIT!" -Vince :vince3:
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