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    Quick question for everyone.

    Do you want a creative team that will tell you who you fight each month and you need to follow what they say regarding who you face (option 1)


    Do you want to pick who you fight at shows and have a creative team that helps you with your direction but you pick who you fight (option 2)

    Please vote
  2. I picked option two, I like the idea of creative helping with other talent and storylines, However I only think this would be suitable for minor storylines. If we were to completely obey by option two there would be no need for creative and we need creative. Creative rotates around IWT and if it were to be gone it would be a mess.

    I think creative should still be in charge of things such as championship matches, pay per views, etc. As it keeps everything balanced and in check.

    The only issue i've really encountered is communication which has recently been resolved.

    At the end of the day, Creative does a great job, Mistakes have been made but it doesn't mean they can not be fixed.
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  3. There wasn't a creative team before and IWT worked well. We'd still need creative even if we stuck by 2 as a place to organise and help though.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Option 2 everytime
  5. Interesting. You all (currently) want option 2, yet some of you also want a proper booking team... makes sense :dawg:
  6. Option 2 sounds better than option 1. Being told who to face with no room for negotiations sounds like it could suck. What if people want to specifically face someone/set up feuds etc?

    People should be able to take suggestions to creative and have them build something from it, should it be a major storyline for a particular division. I think there needs to be creative to schedule PPV cards for sure so it gets done fairly, but obviously people schedule their own dark matches.

    Idek how much of this was worth writing, but you wanted opinions, so there you go.
  7. So for PPVs, you think the creative team should give each person their match?

    What if that person doesn't want to be in that match or they had already picked an opponent themselves??
  8. Please bear in mind I don't know the inner workings of E-Feds and have no idea how IWT is currently organised.
    Maybe have a certain amount of time before PPV's where people submit the matches that they specifically want at a PPV/Uprising. If people want a match but don't have a competitor creative can then organise something for them.

    Hope this makes sense and is useful.
  9. Alright well currently, the creative team gives matches to those that ask for them (because they're not sure or need some help) and we let the competitors bring their matches to us. The only time we put someone in a match is if they have nothing.
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    I think it is a mix of the two. There are two people in IWT, go getters and well, faggots. Go getters don't need shit from creative generally speaking. Faggots need more support. So really it is a case by case basis. Do I want Creative telling me who to face? nah, I'm pretty good at finding opponents. Not everyone is though.
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  11. Exactly what D'Z said. Some need the extra help to get their characters going and get placed in some matches but most know what they're doing and are capable of working out their own matches.
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