bork laser return and beat up green man

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  1. Oh my god.. I died laughing when I read the title and description. :laugh:
  2. It was an epic return indeed.
  4. I smiled and though WTF.
  5. Whaaaat ? lol :laugh:
  6. Jawn Seenaw is fawking Hay Jay Lean.
  7. All ruined along with their epic match because of that stupid superman ending at Extreme Rules.... :sad:
  8. Ugh, tell me about it. That still makes me cringe. They make Brock come back like such a big deal and he jobs to Cena after two moves. And there's no way someone can convince me that that wasn't a stupid decision.
  9. True as fuck. Not even 5 moves and they had him lose. At least they could have had Cena used more moves, but just all of a sudden two moves and he's down is fucked up and made Bork look weaker.
  10. Yeah, it just ruined all the hype he had behind him. He looked so weak. That was so freaking stupid.
  11. Also odd that they stopped the match to tend to Cena, a no DQ match means no DQ :cornette:
  12. True. Was pretty awesome to see Cena busted open right on the beggining. At that moment things seemed good :sad1:
  13. That was without a doubt one of the most awful decisions in wrestling history.....

    Brock is still suffering from that loss as nobody is taking him seriously now, even after he beat HHH at SummerSlam :sad:

    When will WWE start getting that if you need someone to be taken seriously, you need to actually let him "win"? lol

    When will they stop being afraid about Cena losing a match?
    When will they get that they pushed him to the point that even if he loses 1000 losses streak, that won't affect him?

    Brock & Kane Returns were both ruined by his stupid super stale superman persona :sad:
  14. I believe at the time they didn't know how long they had Brock for or if they were going to run into issues with his contract, so they rushed it (hence why their match was at Extreme Rules) and put Cena over.
  15. Yeah. If I had to pick a moment to stop watching wrestling it'd be that. Cena and his stale superman gimmick, man that is really awful.
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  16. I'm just going from memory (of dirtsheets too), but I don't recall any problems coming up with Brock's contract until he stated something along the lines of wanting to return to UFC after his stint in WWE was done (or something to that effect) and that didn't happen until after Brock had "broken" Triple H's arm. I don't think it was rushed at all.

    I think they decided after building up how big of a match Rock/Cena was to Cena, including having Cena say something about how "this is the most important match in his career", and then deciding to have him lose, it was important to re-establish that he still Super Cena. So, they debuted Brock, had him booked as a dominant force ass-kicker, and have him lose to Cena at Extreme Rules so that they Cena would "bounce back" from his lose against The Rock and they wouldn't need to worry about dealing with the fact he lost the most important match in his career and just go on booking Cena as normal. So in less words, they used Brock to make sure Cena wasn't hurt from his loss to Rock. And I've already detailed in a previous post how much better having Cena losing to Brock would've been and I don't want to sound like a broken record so I'll stop here.

    That said about their Extreme Rules bout; the finish was absolute atrocious and beyond idiotic; I still love the match because everything prior was incredible but it doesn't top my top three of the year anymore unless I'm in an extremely forgiving mood.
  17. I am seriously just going from memory but there was certainly a report which stated WWE were unsure of the amount of appearances Brock was going to have and they had Cena go over him just so it can finally happen. Otherwise if Brock went over and then left for some reason it would be terrible.

    It's paraphrased and just from rough memory. But yeah, I agree that the match was incredible but the result was poor.
  18. Yeah, I never saw that one, but I did see ones sometime after his debut stating how much he approximately signed up for from two different sources (both posted on LordsofPain) which I dragged up . . .

    Well, the links are too the Lordsofpain pages but they're still providing sources from at least one of the most trustworthy dirtsheets. Both posted around April 4th. Around 30 appearances is consistent regardless. Even so, I wouldn't have believed that report about them not knowing how much dates they had him for. They would've spent way too much money to sign him for them to ignore little details like how often they can use him. I give WWE some credit.
  19. We'll see Lesnar 30 times next year? :shock: