Storyline Boston must find "Leo Wang"

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  1. *Backstage, a Cameraman finds Boston on top of a Car sitting pretzel style, meditating*
    Mike: ...yes...yes master... the GM ignored my plead... huh? Yes, I set the car to the right on fire as you said.
    JR: WHAT-
    *Cameraman turns camera , show a car in flames*
    King: Hey! HEY! THAT'S MY CAR!!! OH MY GOD!!
    *Boston breathes heavily, takes out an the egg, stands up, screams, throws it on the concrete, egg breaks*
    Mike: *breathes* yes...yes...yes...I understand master... Leo... Leo Wang... I must find your disciple. He will guide me like you guided him. LEO! *gets off car, skips away* LEO LEO LEO LEO LEO!!!!!
    King: He destroyed my car!!!
    JR: Who's Leo Wang?