Boston's hunt for Leo Wang

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  1. JR: Well ladies and gentlemen, uhhh, Mike Boston, has been on the hunt for this man called "Leo Wang" who he claims, is a former pupil of the panda master that Mike is learning from. Our camera crew has been following Mike and well uhh... well just see for yourself...
    *Clips rolls, Mike is riding on a horse through San Fransico*
    Mike: Have you seen Leo Wang?
    Citizen: Uhhh... no?
    Mike: You know nothing, rides on
    *Mike gets off horse, whispers into his ear*
    Mike: Thank you kind disciple of Rillia, my master will send his condolences for the lost of your beloved priest, RIDE ON!
    *Horse rides off, Citziens look wondering why he did that, Mike enters supermarket, goes to produce section*
    Mike: *Talkng to apples* You see Leo? No? *To Bananas* You see Leo? No? *To Limes* You see Leo? No? *To Potatoes* You see Leo? Huh? *Picks up potato puts it to his ear* Uh-huh... really?! Then i'm o the right track! Wait what?! They are dong that to your brothers and sisters?! Don't worry! *Grabs shopping cart fills it with potatoes, runs out of market with out paying, security runs after him*
    *Scene switches to a court sesson, Boston is in handcuffs*
    Baliff: Your honor, he attempted to rob a supermarket of potatoes and cut off traffic in the street in the process.
    Judge: And what do you have in your defense?
    Mike: I'm just looking Leo...
    Judge: ... ... ... ...Guilty, sentence to be held in the dept jail for 3 days. *Slams hammer*
    *Scene switches to Mike in jail cell, Mike is yelling into a toilet*
    *A criminal is watching*
    Crim: Man... if your gonna shit, take a shit, we won't look.
    Mike: Sorry, the toilet isn't helping me, can you communicate?
    Crim: Yo! Officer! Can I get a jail cell as far away from this man as possible?
    *3 days later, Mike gets out*
    Cop: Now don't into trouble.
    *Cop uncuffs Mike, Mike skips off*
    Mike: LEO LEO LEO!!!
    Cop: Maybe we should of gave him a brain scan...
    *Scene changes to Mike now in Las Vegas, he uses a slot machine*
    Mike: have you seen Leo Wang?
    *Slot machine gets 3 7s, chips fall out, everyone watches in shock.*
    Gambler: Dude! You won!
    Mike: *Listening to slot machine* WHAT!!! WHEN?! OK THANKS!! *Runs off*
    Gambler: Hey you forgot- *looks at money Boston won, other gamblers look, huge fight breaks out*
    *Scene changed to streets of Vegas, Boston skips in the middle, so he's kinda Jay Walking, a cop runs out to him and arrests him, scene changes again to Boston getting out of jail again*
    Cop: Again, no trouble. *Uncuffs*
    *Mike skips off again, scene changed to strip club, a striper is wiggling her ass around Mike, he puts his hear to her ass*
    Mike: Yep... uh-huh... really?
    *Striper is confused but she is getting attention, so shes continues*
    Mike: okay, tell me the story, i'm all ears...
    *Scene changes 30 minutes later, Striper is looking for another client, Mike runs after her*
    Mike: Wait! Your ass wasn't finished telling me it's story!!!
    *End of video package*
    Jerry: Wait... he got her rub her ass in his face for over half and hour?
    JR: Yeah?
    Jerry: Why can't I get that?
    JR: Not the point, anyway, the search continues for this so called "Leo Wang" figure
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