Botched spot with Kane on this past RAW..(Stagehand shown on live camera)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Feb 17, 2012.


    Laughed out loud.
  2. Edit works now. It's a bad botch for a pro such as Kane to make but he is only human so errors will be made. Luckily it's nothing huge.

  3. Well did you see that 'stagehand' ?

  4. Yeah he poked him with the script to make sure Kane forced Eve into the ambulance.
  5. Can't watch it on this netbook, but I didn't notice it live so couldn't of been too bad.
  6. A typical 'Uhhhh' moment from Kane.
  7. Did you see when he completely botched the piledriver at RR?
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