Bound For Glory 2014 PPV Discussion - Tokyo, Japan

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    8pm/7c on PPV




    James Storm & Great Sanada vs. Great Muta & Tajiri

    Samoa Joe (c) vs. Low Ki vs. Kaz Hayashi

    Team 3D vs. Tommy Dreamer & Abyss

    TNA vs. WRESTLE-1
    EC3 vs. Ryota Hama

    TNA vs. WRESTLE-1
    MVP vs. Kazma Sakamoto

    TNA vs. WRESTLE-1

    Manik vs. Minoru Tanaka

    Havok vs. Velvet Sky

    Andy Wu & Hijo Del Pantera vs. Kuroshio Ikemen Jiro & Yusuke Kodama

  2. Meh, will watch because it's free on Challenge in the UK. But that's the only reason why, tbh. I assume the main event for us will be the X-Division Championship match which will be the best one, me thinks. Also hyped for the Tag Team Grudge match, but that's it... even if it's just a throwaway Japan event to help keep the best stuff on Impact to secure a new TV deal and to help Wrestle-1 get popular, couldn't they have put Lashley, Aries, Roode and/or The Wolves in a match? :emoji_confused:
  3. Seems like a decent card, at best.

    BFG is supposed to be their biggest PPV, right? Or at least it used to be... So why not put your WHC Roode, Austin Aries and The Wolves on it? Plus, it's the 10th anniversary of the PPV... I'm a tad annoyed by this.
  4. Honestly, I think that the ONO PPV Outbreak had a MUCH better card than this. Mainly due to the great tag team matches, 3-on-3 match along with Magnus vs Kai which made them both look good. Also 10th anniversary just makes this sad. Could have tried to cut costs by putting in Japan (also making it seem cool 'cuz 10th anniversary in Japan) but also used a bit of money on making it a better PPV. I think I'd do this:

    Tag Team Grudge Match: Muta, Tajiri and Aries vs Storm, Sanada and Manik
    X-Division Championship Match; Samoa Joe (c) vs Low Ki vs Kaz Hayashi
    Knockouts Match: Havok vs Taryn Terrell
    TNA vs Wrestle-1: Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Gunner vs Kai, Sakamoto and MVP
    TNA vs Wrestle-1: EC3 vs Ryota Hama
    Wrestle-1 Tag Team Match: Andy Wu & Hijo Del Pantera vs. Kuroshio Ikemen Jiro & Yusuke Kodama
    TNA Tag Team Match: The Wolves (c) vs Team 3D vs Von Erich 3G
    TNA Singles Match: Magnus vs Mr. Anderson

    Would be a great PPV for me, even without Lashley, The Hardys and a few others. Included MVP in the Wrestle-1 team to have a bit of a funny moment when he just flips off the other 3 TNA guys. Von Erich 3G impressed me at Slammiversary, would be cool to see them get to wrestle another match. Possibly make it elimination, so they can just get a couple of minutes of good experience in - doubt they would be expensive to hire anyways.
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  5. I agree on everything you've just posted... That is exactly how I'd book BFG, mate!
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  6. :bully2::woohoo:Add to that you have pretty much the best signature in the history of signatures.
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  7. Thanks, man. Yup, it's pretty rad! Hell, Luke Harper is rad!
  8. Indeed, I like him better than Bray Wyatt to be honest. Lesnar vs Harper WM31 pls :shock:

    In all seriousness, aren't there any more wrestlers in Japan (like Fergal Devitt would've been) who they could call in? No plane tickets needed anyways. Like Alex Shelley. Ex-TNA guy, even.
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  9. What the shit, Velvet sky is the one facing Havok? Rip her top off, Female Abyss!
  10. The TV deal crisis made BFG 2014 what it is. Apparently, they faced a number of challenges and considering everything, they said this is the best card they could've put.

    And while I understand TNA is facing some issues at this time with business, the fact is BFG this year will be, imho, solid at best and not worth spending $50 on, unfortunately. BFG will not feature Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Wolves, Magnus, Bram, Anderson, Gunner etc.... That says it all.

    Buyrate will probably really low too. Shame, really.

    I am hoping everything goes back to normal in few short months for TNA.
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  11. You're right, I guess. Here's to hoping everything turns out well for TNA, bro. Would be a real fn' shame if they closed the doors, especially now that they've been kicking ass for the vast majority of 2014.
  12. Probably won't watch the show live as it airs, gotta watch Sunday Night Football, however I do plan on peeping it later that night or the next day.. whenever I can find a decent replay.
  13. people still watch tna?
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  14. Jobber matches @ vanilla midget country. #TNA
  15. So they pretty much turned BFG into ONO Japan? Hm
  16. I guess at least we have what could be the X-Division MOTY, judging by how good Joe and Low Ki are, and how Kaz Hayashi (one half of Team 246) seems to be one of Wrestle-1's finest. "Joe is gonna kill you" chant pls Japan :aries2:
  17. wow.

    No TNA title match? I guess they're shifting towards Slammiversary as their new 'big' PPV.
  18. Yeah. Funny thing is the actual ONO from March had a a much stronger and better matchcard than BFG, Oh what a difference half a year makes business wise...

    Slammiversary was always a big PPV, now it may turn into the biggest next year. But I still doubt.
  19. lmao adam beat you here and you still posted. Shut the screen, Deth, it over.
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  20. You gonna make the LD, biggest TNA event and a huge mark coming in to get people to watch? Hoke Ogan?

    @Everyone else, I don't want to LD this solo and have the sunday off.
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