Brace Yourselves For a Laughter of The Whole Damn Day

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  1. I just heard a Hulk Hogan interview from a sports radio broadcast from when Hogan was in Las Vegas to promote Impact Wrestling coming to town on June 29th and he said that Christopher Daniels, with the right backing, is a future main eventer and is a real pro. Also that Daniels had heat with the creative team and the locker room and that he is difficult to work with, but hogan said he is anything but and is an all-star.

    :kobe: TNA is obviously pushing time-limits, brother! 42 (Daniels) is the new 32, and 60 (Hogan) is the new 40.

    These are just excuses why they never gave him the big ball, and it's pathetic tbh. But good to know that Hogan has your back, jack! Right?!:harvey:
  2. "I always do the right thing, brother!"

    Lol tbh aren't we all wanting "young talent" like AJ Styles and Matt Morgan to be the beneficiary of Bully and the Aces' dastardly reign? They're 35 and 36. No reason why TNA can't realize "holy shit we have an amazing talent in Daniels, why don't we stop dicking around like we have the past 15 years and use his last few years to their fullest potential?" It worked for Mark Henry.

    Surprised his buddy Bischoff was OK with this. With how much he hates the IWC saying this in public is pretty surprising.

    But here's a quotable: Strip away all the silly catchphrases and Hogan always finds a way to sound like a complete moron.
  3. What to say about Hogan that isnt already said?