Brad Maddox should of won last night this isnt fair

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  1. Brad Maddox should of won last night against Randy Orton and got that contract this isnt fair Brad is the next big thing and is the future of WWE Randy Orton has had his time. Right now new stars should have the spolight like Brad I just cant believe they made him lose
  2. And I should have been there to hit your Dad with some sweet chin music the night he impregnated your mom. Oh well, shit happens.
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  3. Plus 1
    Remind me to rep this when I'm on my computer!!
  4. Ambrose > Brad

  5. Sorry but now you're just being silly.
    In what way is Maddox better than one of the most praised talents to come out American wrestling in the last five years?
    Maddox is a mediocre in ring talent at best and only okay on the mic with the possibility of becoming good. Ambrose is a good borderline very good in ring worker with a fantastic understanding of match psychology and he is probably one of the best mic workers out there right now on the American wrestling scene.
  6. You fail to account for "Woman Logic". Rule #401: Whoever looks better is automatically better.

    All of you should be grateful #WWElogic isn't as worse as #Womanlogic.
  7. BLFFL, what the actual fuck are you talking about.

    Maddox is scripted to loose because he's a heel and doens't go over clean on one of their stop stars. If a heel wins clean it purely ends everything in their feud.

    Having Maddox lose means he has to come back with another excuse to get a contract match, and each time he fails.

    Randy Orton has had his time? Do you honestly have any fucking idea what you're talking about. You are literally worse then Gohan Randy. At least he is funny. You just talk bullshit. Randy is still in his prime and Maddox is green as hell and has a lot more work to do.

    Just because they're losing, he is still in the spotlight! Look at like Ted DiBiase, Hunico, Camacho, how often are they on telly? Technically I'd say there all better than Maddox but they're not on RAW or SmackDown, they're on superstars & NXT. Maddos is still on TV and in a storyline, unlike those guys who deserve it more for the BS they've put up with in their career at WWE so far.

    Please know what the fuck you're talking about before you come on here spouting shit.

    The forum.
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  8. Just seen this.

    What the actual fuck are you talking about. Do you know who Ambrose is? Have you seen any of his matches? Obviously not.

    I really dispare to think there are fans like you.
  9. So Daniel Bryan or Dean in "#womanlogic"
  10. Idk. I don't fully have woman logic. You're gonna have to ask BrockLesnar4Life.
  11. Lady D has man logic. Because it's a man.

    I saw it's penis on Skype. :cornette:
  12. You weren't suppose to tell anyone. :tough:

  13. OH shit. Fuck how do I edit comment.

    Please take me back! :upset::upset:
  14. You have to admit that Maddox is way better than Ambrose in every way possible.

    Then maybe I'll consider. :obama:
  15. Well, actually now that I think about it, I can surely tap into my woman senses.

    Maddox is admittedly pretty damn hot, but is that fact worth a damn? Of course not. I haven't seen Maddox actually fight yet, so I can't form any type of solid opinion on him yet. Everything I've seen of him is just him getting thrown around. So, I have no clue how anyone else can really say anything about him besides his physical attributes.

    But to answer @[Danielson]'s question, I'd pick D-Bry over Ambrose because it seems I would get along with him more.
  16. Maddox is better than Ambrose in every way possible.

  17. :facepalm:
  18. :upset:
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