Brad Maddox

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Am I the only one who doesn't find him funny?
    I mean, to me, and it may just be me... But he tries to hard.

    Also... He really should go by his real name. I find the irony intoxicating.
  2. I've never laughed at him either. Then again, I don't laugh at a lot of shit most other people do.
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  3. He does nothing for me. He's just there..
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  4. Fuck you guys, Maddox ftw :yes:
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  5. MADDOX <3

    He's awesome, right from the start I had confidence in him. (OK I sound like BLFFL)
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  6. A thread about the RAW GM not being in the RAW section? yeah I'm fixing that.

    Maddox is playing the best role for him. Slightly goofy stooge. He doesn't have the size or skill to be credible in ring but he works well in the role he has now. Plus he has a Bischoff level punchable face.
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  7. Never cared for him, still don't.
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  8. In ring he's poor and boring. He sells good, but still wouldn't even watch him.

    On commentary and GM though he's pretty damn good. He gives everything that awkward feeling, and it feels like he's actually trying, but still having second thought about every decision. The way he speaks to, he pauses a bit and doesn't exactly speak quickly, it's like he keeps thinking, and he's always on his toes. He has that feeling that he is trying to keep a hold of his job, but doesn't make it too obvious. Plus, it's funny when people try to threaten him that are not McMahons.
  9. I think his sense of humor is great.
  10. This. He neither adds to the show nor detracts from it. He is just on the show.
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  11. I'm a Maddox fan he's gold. Reminds of those ppl u meet who are confident they are great but are so awkward at what they do. Reminds me of Alan Partridge in a way.
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  12. I think Brad Maddox makes a great GM. I understand why some of you guys may not find him funny, but he's actually playing a great role as a GM. He's got that Eric Bischoff feel to him for some reason, he just reminds me of Eric.
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  13. He's just a jobber. He was better in his referee role, low blowing Rybotch.
  14. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I like him. He is funny, SHould have more of a spotlight as GM.
  15. This is about all i see in him.

  16. Agreed. I thought he did make some good matches his first night, but he's just the upper management's stooge now.

  17. ?????????

    He plays the role he has well. Plus, remember, he was chosen because he is "who we deserved" as GM of Raw according to Vince. In character, he knows he's got one chance to get it right and he was trying his damnedest to keep Vince, Steph, and Hunter happy. Now that they're all on the same side, he knows he's on the right track. I loved his smugness Monday night. It made you want to just kick him in the nuts.

    Which means he's playing his role perfectly.

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  18. Good point
  19. Him as a goofy stooge GM is pretty good.