Brad Mills Traded For $1

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  1. When Major League Baseball teams discuss trades, money is almost always a point of contention because most clubs operate under a set budget.

    When the Milwaukee Brewers dealt left-handed pitcher Brad Mills to Oakland, it seemed harmless enough. The A's needed a starting pitcher after Drew Pomeranz was placed on the disabled list after punching a chair, per Matt Snyder of; Mills has some MLB experience and comes cheaply.

    Very cheaply, it turns out.

    According to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, the deal between Milwaukee and Oakland will cost the A's a whole dollar:


    Feel bad for Brad, he's literally worth less than a pack of underwear.
  2. It's so we save on our bottom line for salary reporting in 2014. We are stacked as fuck for pitching, and you owe us @Dolph'sZiggler , bet on that.

    I don't even know where he was at on the team, certainly not on our Major League roster.
  3. Don't feel bad, he probably accepted it more than questioned it.. Sometimes you take a cheap trade like that in order to get a better chance at MLB time and sure enough I believe he's starting the next game.

    It's nothing against him most likely, definitely just a budgeting concern, I mean the dude was making $414k/yr with the Brewers and I'm pretty sure he wasn't starting any time soon.
  4. He also keeps his current contract. The A's dropped a dollar but the Crew still are putting 400k+ out of pocket.
  5. John Odom was traded for bats

    The teams then came to an agreement on May 20 to exchange Odom for ten Prairie Sticks maple bats, worth a total of $665.[1][3]

    In Laredo, they called him "Bat man", and played the Batman Theme when he took the mound. After a bad outing on June 5 in Amarillo, Texas, the heckling from fans and even an umpire was more than he could handle. Although his following outing in San Angelo on June 10 went well, he decided to leave the team.[1]

    His death[edit]
    On November 5, 2008 Odom died of an accidental overdose from heroin, methamphetamine, benzylpiperazine and alcohol. There being no police report and no explanation of how his body got to the hospital, the medical examiner had little to go on. Inspired by Odom's tattoo, which read "Poena Par Sapientia" (Pain equals wisdom), the medical examiner did a Google search and discovered Odom's baseball past. In hindsight, Dan Shwam, Odom's former Broncos manager, suggests the media and fan response to the trade "drove him back to the bottle, that it put him on the road to drugs again."[1]

    The ten bats that the Vipers received for Odom were never used, and the Vipers planned to auction them off for charity, but Ripley's Believe It or Not! purchased them for $10,000.[1]
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