Braeden Cross

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  1. Username: Rydogg

    Availability: Whenever

    Have you competed here before?: Does currently competing count?

    Do you agree to the rules?: Yup

    Character Name: Braeden Cross

    Height/Weight: 6', 220lbs

    Residence: Phoenix, AZ

    Character Base/Appearance: Matt Cross with long hair

    In-Ring Attire: As Base said. Similar to Matt Cross

    Entrance Attire: Same as In-Ring, but with a biker vest with outlaw patches

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Actions: Walks to the ring, stoic faced, not acknowledging the crowd at all. Walks onto the apron, walks over and mounts the corner, points to the crowd with his right hand in the shape of a gun

    Wrestling Style (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, Powerhouse, Submission, etc): brawler

    Finishing Move (Only 1): One in the Chamber (running knee/Bomaye)

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.): Deer in the headlights (bicycle kick). Roadkill (lifting spike-DDT)

    Holds: rear naked choke.
    various headlocks
    ankle lock

    Strikes: chain of right hands followed by a discus clothesline
    discus clothesline
    jumping knee strike
    roundhouse kick
    open palm slap
    pele kick

    Aerial: top rope moonsault
    springboard knee strike
    springboard stunner
    springboard psych-out into a pele kick

    Throws: several varieties of suplexes (german, belly to belly, belly to back etc.)
    throw up samoan drop
    various neckbreakers
    tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

    Taunts (Optional): while setting up for "One in the Chamer" Cross goes into the corner, measures up his opponent, then raises his right hand in the shape of a gun, points it at his target and "pulls the trigger"

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring): very slow and methodical. Prone to fits of rage where he starts unloading with fists and then starts throwing his opponent around.