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  1. I just watched this week's episode of Impact and I was wondering what everybody thinks of Bram so far? What are your first impressions of him as a character and a wrestler?

    I may be slightly biased because he is British but I have quite enjoyed his psycho character so far. I am really buying in to his persona as a genuine psychopath who just really enjoys kicking the shit out of people. I find Bram's violence-hungry expressions convincing:


    Bram bringing out this new violent side of Magnus is good because Magnus needed something different after losing the world title and it also freshens up his character and helps in opening up a whole new road for the former world champion.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. I like the intensity the guy is showing and I like the storyline TNA put him in with Magnus. I think he has all the potential in the world to make it to the upper card of TNA in the coming years.

    Though, I do think he's a bit overreacting when doing this thing with his eyes and similar. Tone it just a little bit down man.

    But yeah, overall I'm fine with Bram so far. Bit wierd name too, ain't it?
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  3. I do agree he is overacting but I am entertained thus far, it made me laugh last week when Bram was wrestling Tigre Uno and randomly in the middle of the match he started screaming at the back of his head haha.

    Yeah he has an odd name for sure, feeling pretty neutral about it.
  4. Bram and Magnus could work, I can see good things coming out of this if booked right

  5. Liking him so far. Just wish Willow wasn't part of this storyline.
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  6. he's a eurofag.
  7. It makes me wonder what the next scrub that gets cut from NXT and won't feel like a big loss that TNA will pick up and make a star out of next. Derrick Bateman and Kenneth Cameron have turned out to be great investments.
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  8. lol your post was at 4:20.
  9. 5:20 bro. lrn2est
  10. not central time.
  11. I assume that Bram will be the catalyst for the return of face Swagnus who goes on to win the WHC in England in early 2015. I'm not that big on TNA taking released NXT talents, but I will be if they can propell EC3 to the next level and Bram to becoming a big player in the company.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. ^Bully looks like the cat that got the cream in this picture, Velvet looks fiiiiine.

    Totally with you in regards to Willow, have not been a fan of this gimmick in TNA thus far and he isn't bringing an awful lot to the storyline. I'm hoping that Magnus wins at Slammiversary by developing his new aggressive side further, he would probably win using that tool that both the Brit's keeps using.
  14. I kinda see him getting DQ'd and taking on the full-time "hardcore" role.
  15. Hmm, I would hope that there would be a pinfall either way in this match considering it is a contest between two former world champion's at what is supposed to be TNA's second biggest PPV of the year. What I think will actually happen is Willow winning in a closely fought match and then Magnus and Bram will just completely destroy him afterwards to further establish their Hardcore approach.