Brand Irrelevancy?

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  1. Okay, so as you should already know, the WWE Title and World Heavyweight Title is set to be unified at TLC. I feel like this is a step in the wrong direction, for many reasons but particularly due to the fact that being on a brand means almost nothing anymore. This may not mean much to some but this was one of my most enjoyed aspects of the WWE. I'm convinced that the WWE is slowly weaning the audience from the notion of two brands. RAW superstars appear on SmackDown and vice versa. The sense of competition between brands is long gone and it doesn't seem like the WWE will attempt to rekindle it. While I doubt that they would merge the brands entirely, I do believe that they are attempting to erase the boundary between RAW & SmackDown. I'm quite aware that title unification has happened before but when they occurred, the circumstances were different. This is all speculation but what do you guys think?
  2. Yea dude there are two shows but they aren't so much brands anymore because the rosters aren't unique. Its been this way ever since Raw supershows started.

    The only thing I don't miss is the corny 'competitions' between the two shows like SS elimination matches based on 'omg which show is better?!', bragging rights types of PPVs, ect. That stuff was lame IMO. I do wish SD and Raw each had unique superstars with specific storylines to their show, but eh, what can you do.
  3. You are just beginning to notice this? There have been no separate "brands" for a while now, and if they are going to keep it that way then it makes no sense to have both a WWE Title and WHC belt. For that matter they need to get rid of the US Title belt. The only reason I can see to keep around so many similar belts is to go back to the different brands. But that doesn't appear to be on the horizon.
  4. sadly not. Meaning we are stuck with dreadful 3 hour Raws and absolutely no reason to watch SD
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  5. I watch SD mostly out of habit, and often times I will have it on (recorded) while piddling about on the interwebs. The saddest thing to me is that with all these hours of programming, why do they need to have so many replays and recaps? I get to see the same things over and over so many times that all it does is just makes me more numb to the actual product they are putting out.
  6. I agree, in the direction that the company is heading, less title belts is inevitable.
  7. Are they? WWE doesn't have to give a shit about belts to keep them around. Without the US Title what will they do for Pre shows on PPVS?!?!
  8. Haha, perhaps put enough effort into a rivalry that the audience would at least care enough to watch it. A mid card rivalry but keep it at least moderately interesting, but I suppose that's too much to ask for these days.
  9. Way too much to ask. If you worked on WWE creative and went around pitching radical ideas such as these you would be shitcanned on the spot.
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  10. The problem with is though the average 10 yr old has such a short attention span, there just isn't enough time to build up a proper rivalry. :troll:
  11. Oh yes, how could I have forgotten about 60% of WWE's viewers. It's a shame really, but it's the world we live in...
  12. "Radical" eh? I think of it more as, "investing in the fanbase's interests".
  13. That's not best for business, bro. :pity2:
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  14. Scumbags like you and I stream PPVs and don't buy merch. they don't give a shit what we think
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  15. How absolutely accurate.
  16. The brand extension already doesn't exist anymore. It's all just one show now, which is why I'm all for a title unification. Having two different people (champions) walking around both proclaiming to be "the best" of the company makes no since when it's all just one show with one roster.

    The brand extension was a good idea when it was created in 2002, but back then, it was done out of necessity because the death of WCW gave the WWF a huge influx of talent and there was literally too much room to continue to book everyone all on the same roster. You had big names like Austin, Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Hogan and Angle still there, and then you had guys who were ready to break out into the main event scene at any moment like RVD, Edge and Booker T., and then you had Brock Lesnar receiving the biggest push in history as well as new talent being signed like John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista, all who were pegged as having the potential to become huge stars (which they did, as we've seen.) Over the course of the next year, you also had guys like Goldberg, Scott Steiner and Rey Mysterio coming it, thus making the roster as a whole even more stacked.

    Compare that scenario with how it is today. You have your veterans in Cena and Orton, and then you have CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, the latter of who only just broke through to the top (and didn't stay there long) and the former who himself is a multi-time world champion who just came off the longest title reign of the past 25 years. That's not a very stacked main event roster that can really be stretched to two different brands. There's guys in the undercard who have potential to break through and become main event players, but we can't judge how strong a main event scene is (or the roster as a whole) just based on who has mere potential.

    I also don't agree with getting rid of the United States Title. When there are two world championships on the show, then sure. But with the titles being unified, I say keep it. I like having two belts in the midcard, and the European Title gave us some good feuds back in the day as did the Television Title back in WCW (which was their version of a secondary midcard belt.)
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  17. Imo the PPVs aren't really worth buying. Fucking like what..40 or 50 bucks for a PPV? No thank you. I haven't bought any merch in God knows how long.
    I really hope they don't get the stupid idea of eventually unifying the two midcard titles...seriously bro
  18. Brand split does not exist whatsoever, and I agree to the unification of the world titles because it's all one roster. As for where I stand in the midcard titles, the Intercontinental championship will shoot up in prestige once there is only one world title. The United States title will rise as well. I don't mind them keeping both titles around, as long as the United States title gets used right.
  19. Internet Championship, an idea I've been pitching for a while now. Just cut the bullshit and have the title actually catered to the pre-show. I mean, that's kinda what the US title already is, but just have it officially be known as the pre-show belt so people don't have to hope for something big every time a new guy gets crowned champ.

    And you know, also a way to push Ryder if people still want that. Having him introduce the championship by actually defending it or something like that, make a big deal out of it.
  20. :eww:
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