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  1. If you would like to add brands to this section, let me know!
    Vote yes or no. I will leave this open for a day or two.
    #PeoplePower :obama:

    Suggested by @jonathan & @"senhor perfect"

    RAW Titles:
    WWE, US, Million Dollar and Hardcore

    SmackDown Titles:
    WHC, Intercontinental, Cruiserweight and European

    Dual-Brand Titles:
    Divas, Tag Team and DX
  2. Also credit to Senhor Perfect.
  3. Good call! :obama:
  4. Great idea, I'm all for it.
  5. @Britanica It would be great to split members between the brands, with GM for each brand, and a member can only challenge for the titles that belong to his Brand.
  6. That's what this whole thing is about buddy. Makes it easier right?
  7. :true:

    I will likely manage Raw and @jonathan will take Smackdown
  9. Absolutely, so much fun :yay:
    How about making a draft or something between the 2 members who are selected by Brita as GMs?

    And Senhor, I think that it means you will have to vacate your IC title since it belongs to SD :pity:
  10. Me and Brita will be the GMs.
  11. There's plenty of Senhor to go around. We'll see what happens, tbh I'd rather have the IC title cause it's my favourite.
  12. You no likey Smackdown :sad: ??
  13. Not to mention IC has mostly been on RAW, and the US title has mostly been on Smackdown. That's the way I'd do it. :happy:
  14. That statement just buried the prestige of the WWE Championship. :bury:
  15. Look at it's history, lol. Gohan was the champ, seabs won it then didn't want it.
  16. You are Vickie Guerrero and @Jonathan is Booker T :jeritroll:
  17. Sure why not? :pity::dawg:
  18. You got me there TBH :dawg:
  19. HATE!!!