Hell in a Cell Bray vs. Roman HIAC match

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  1. So we have bray vs. Roman set in stone for a HIAC match. What are your thoughts on this? Obviously Roman will win this, imo, but do you think this match will steal the show?

    I know Brock and taker will be good. However, I feel that this match could steal the show. If they give these guys at least 25 mins or more, bray and Roman beating the shit out of each other inside the cell could easily be a classic. Much like Rollins and Ambrose was last year.

    Please share your thoughts.
  2. Just going by how long this feud has been, it should end with a cell match. But I don't think the feud has the fire needed per say.

    And I don't want to sound like any old IWC Mark, but I think the issue lies with Roman and his character not treating it as such.

    We've had Wyatt threatening Roman's kid and family being a part of this program, that's some pretty deep stuff. So why is Roman wrestling every match against Wyatt like it is just a regular match? Shouldn't he be trying to rip him to shreds?

    Had this just had a bit more intensity I would have no problems with it.
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  3. Agree 100%. The only intensity we've truly seen was a couple weeks ago when Roman speared him through the table and they beat the hell out of each other.

    This feud was supposed to be more personal and intense and it hasn't been. That being said, I still think this match can be great, but with the time they have left, they really need to push the intensity factor leading into this match.
  4. And if we look back at that moment with the table and the brawling, we get a taste of how great this feud could have been.
    Brawling is in the middle of both guys wheelhouses. Had the feud been spent with the two of them going to town brawling rather than wrestling it would have been a lot better and done more for both I think.
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  5. Yes and hopefully they have time to make up for that.
  6. Reigns is the obvious winner.

    And given that both men will be facing each other inside the cell, I hope they utilize the surrounding to their advantage.
    I hope they rip each other to pieces and do something wild. Reigns hitting Wyatt with a Spear through the cell, something similar Edge did to Taker, would be nice to see.
  7. The edge and taker scenario is what I was thinking, too. Have reigns like put a chain wrapped around his hand, like triple h did to Batista, and nail a superman punch on bray.
  8. I would like to see Bray getting the victory in this feud by winning at HIAC but don't think it is possible.
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  9. This could be a regular match and it would be the same thing as a Hell in a Cell match. They barely utilize the Cell at all anymore. Roman should win so they can move on from this feud. It seems they've done all they can do with it.
  10. I agree but my hope is that, much like they did last year with dean and Seth, they will make use of the cell.
  11. bet me princess.
  12. Oh, boy. You sure do love losing :smirk2:
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  13. I'll bet that Roman wins this one.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Nothing means nothing mean Gene.
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  15. Betting on Wyatt in 2015, hahahhahaha.
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  16. mmmmmmmmmmmm gorgeous. Bet me bro.
  17. I'll bet you
  18. Roman will pick up the win

    Looking at the entire card for the night, this match will probably be the highlight

    I just hope there is some good spots. Reigns spearing Wyatt through the cell on to the outside would be sick
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  19. And him wrapping a chain around his knuckles and hitting a superman punch.
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