Break out star of The Wyatt Family?

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    Sooner or later The Wyatt Family will break up,so,who in your opinion will be the break out star of The Wyatt Family? I feel like Luke Harper will be the break out star,he's got the stature,ability,and, the mic skills it takes to be big within the WWE. Bray's got the gimmick going for him but what happens when it gets played out? Will he under go a gimmick change and lose all his intrest? As for Erik he lacks the in ring ability,and, promo skill to really make it far after The Wyatt Family breaks up imo.
  2. Bray. His mic skills and look are far more unique. I don't see much future in the others to be honest, certainly not main event players.

  3. Really can't add much more than this.
  4. I think all of them could have big futures. Rowan could be a good big guy if he puts the effort, Harper has the in-ring ability and is alright on the mic, and Bray has the mic skills and the presence to be a future star.
  5. Bray Wyatt. The other ones will be like Gallows. Just low card and released
  6. Bray is the lone star out of that group imo, unlike the Shield who have the potential for 3 main eventers.
  7. Bray lol. Any other answer is just flat out wrong.
  8. Bray. He's the highlight of the group and the other two guys could be played by a whole lot of people who dirtied themselves up to look like psychotic hillbillies or members of a cult. Their purpose is simply to serve Wyatt and issue the beat down while he sits back in his rocking chair still eating up the main spotlight until it's time for him to give one of his sermons.
  9. Wyatt ofc. There's a reason he's the main focus of the group. Harper could be a solid midcarder afterwards though.