Hell in a Cell Breaking History (Raw Spoiler)

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    For the first time in the history of WWE, two women will face off in a Hell in a Cell match. Now I am not sure how this will go and I am sure it wont be as heavy hitting as the men's traditional HIAC matches but it should be considered as possibly being the match of the night. I am not a fan of Charlotte but she has come a long way and really puts on a good match at PPV's. She takes risks which can be promising for this match. Sasha Banks being the Champion and winning on Raw and Char never losing at a PPV makes this a match worth watching. I don't think anyone can predict how it will go but they are finally doing things they can say are part of a women's revolution in the WWE.

    How do you think the match will be? Are you excited for it?
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    The match will probably be good. But, hopefully the girls don't take too much serious bumps. And I don't want to see blood.

    Sasha will retain the title and it'll be a special moment, not only because she'll have competed in the first-ever Women's HIAC match, but also because she'd get to be the first woman to break Charlotte's impressive PPV winning streak.
  3. RIP Sasha.

    She's going to kill herself taking a bump her body won't be able to handle most likely.
  4. I'd say let the women take the risks that they are comfortable with taking and that are safe. In my life I have seen that more often than not, women are much tougher than men are and many would like to be acknowledged by that.

    And that doesn't mean I want them to go out and get hurt. But if they're comfortable and safe doing a bump or shedding a little blood from a blood pack. I say let them do it. One of the reasons I am such a fan of women's wrestling is that I am a fan of women. Women can be stronger and tougher than they get credit for and a lot of times, they want to be recognized as such. If they are willing to get hit with a trash can or have their face rubbed up against the cage, then go for it. I'm not really for blading anyone but a good blood pack could be fine if done well. Wouldn't bother me.
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  5. You, sir, have won the thread.
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  6. I think the only thing that would keep WWE from wanting a hardcore/heavy hitting womens match is the marketing. Not that this SHOULD be important, but the way they look matters. Having them all beat up, black eyed, ect is likely not something Vince would want. I agree though... If they want to have a hardcore match, they should let them do it. Break history and all that jazz.
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  7. Awesome post. I'll add in just how much it seems like Sasha's a person who recognizes this history and wants to take this opportunity to really take this spotlight and make the most of it. She's gonna be hella motivated, and Charlotte's been incredibly fearless too. Watching her moonsaults outside the ring makes my eyes bulge out already, what can she pull off now?

    If it's not the MOTN, I'll be STUNNED. Especially with Hell in a Cell matches for the last 5 years being "a regular match with a cell around it and maybe a few shots with a kendo stick". VINTAGE ROMAN

    Just... Please, don't die in the ring. I'm really starting to cringe watching Sasha's matches now.

    As for the blood thing, I'm totally with you for all the matches. Not just this one.
  8. First things first...Don't we already have a thread for this topic? Just asking...

    Now...on to business...

    I believe the ladies will truly show everyone something truly special...
    And this personally is the most excited I've been for a wrestling match
    (Not including the Royal Rumble) for many, many years.

    No...I actually believe that Legacy and History will play a part in how
    this match is booked. The same way her father is and always will be
    a legend of wrestling...this moment is tailor made for a Charlotte victory.

    It will go down as a truly historic moment in what I'm sure will be a
    history making career. Charlotte will truly begin to cement her status
    as Greatest Women's Wrestler ever at Hell In The Cell.

    If I had to pick an ending...I say Sasha passes out in the Figure Four
    Leg Lock in the middle of the ring.

    While I have been critical of Sasha Banks on this forum...I must
    again state that I truly think she is an amazing athlete with great
    in-ring skills and a fantastic look (Love the hair) but I...like Sunspot
    here worry about her physical...her appearance...her...screw it...
    The woman is too thin...in my opinion. I just wish she was a little...
    whats the term..."Thicker" that way it wouldn't look so horrifying
    when she does take those frankly amazing bumps.

    Yep...that about sums it up...*Clicks Agree*

    The WWE needs to take a back seat and trust these two women...
    The company sets the stage...Let them be the Stars.

    If Charlotte and Sasha are happy to bleed for us fans...
    Then I will be Thankful for every drop...
    If Charlotte and Sasha are happy to use Chairs, Tables and Kendo Sticks...
    I'll cheer every time one is used...

    Personally I'm grateful to both women for doing something
    we fans have never seen before...Making and Breaking History.

    That sounds awful and boring...

    You and me both buddy...Yes Ladies...entertain us...
    but don't go to Mick Foley levels to do it...
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  9. No. Charlotte regaining the belt wouldn't really make sense.

    The only reason why it changed hands at SummerSlam was because Sasha was injured. It's not happening this time, buddy.
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  10. It was a rumors thread. This is an announced thread and to discuss the actual match not it possibly happening... cause we already know it is happening.. And I probably said that in the longest way I could. lol
  11. Yeah, agree...

    After all, this has got to be the blow off match cause overall I think we got us enough of Sasha vs. Charlotte these past few months. They can certainly revisit this feud but they've mliked the life of it already so both should move on after this. I've already proposed Nia Jax entering the picture as the next challenger for the belt (how can she not be), whereas Charlotte could probably get into a programme with Bailey. There's also Emelina who will be arriving soon but can't really speculate just yet on her, plus I wouldn't imagine she would be put into the title scene immediately.
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  12. Isn't it at Sasha's hometown too? The result seems way too predictable to me, but then again the reason they've been doing like 5 title changes or so in the last two months is probably so that we wont know for sure if we'll have title changes every week or so lol.

    Definitely gonna watch this match. And hopefully they dont get hurt and make WWE ban all sorts of 'special' matches for Women.
  13. Ok............... here it is Charlotte will win to keep her streak intact (I love Sasha) but the match will be truly historical either way to say the least. I don't mind any weapons or bloodshed I actually encourage it just because it's HIAC. Lets go Women's revolution lets stick it to Vince for all those Bra and panties matches!:sad2::woo::yes:
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  14. It's the culmination of the Sasha/Charlotte feud at HIAC and Charlotte is not winning, pal.
  15. My friends...THAT is what happens when you actually take a Women's feud seriously and treat it like a normal men's feud. A Hell in a Cell match that is actually exciting to see.

    I tip my cap to you WWE.

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  16. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    No! No! No!
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
  17. :yes:
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  19. :lies:
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  20. I'm so confused...Yes...No...Lies...

    Either way...I want Charlotte to win
    and regain her title...but I understand
    if Sasha retains...and it would make
    more sense.

    It's kind of like Alexa Bliss...I want
    her to beat Becky Lynch and win
    the championship...but...I understand
    that it seems a little early for her
    and she most likely won't defeat
    Becky for the Gold.
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