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  1. We are receiving word that IWT Uprising has been cancelled this week. There are whispers that the Crayluminati have had a say in the decision.

    More as we get it, here on iwtTV
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  2. This is a joke. Not even funny. Whatever
  3. Was it even booked?
  4. Well i guess Victoria Parker wont be getting that rematch :pity:
  5. This place in general is horse shit now, I'm out.
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  6. *drives by the IWT arena* LOOOOOOSSSSSEEEEEERRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS *drives off laughing and hits flagpole*
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  7. *Drives by Queen Chrysalis's crashed car* LOOOOOOSSSSSEEEEEERRRRR! *Drives off laughing and a train plows the car*
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  8. ...and a 36" plasma tv falls out of the trunk

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    You didn't think changing your name would make a difference did you?
  9. :sad:
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