[Breaking] PPVs Moving To The WWE Network

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Source: WON/F4W

    Good idea. If WWE Network is going to be a premium channel like HBO which it's rumoured to be, as it would be easier to be picked up networks as it's all income, then this is good for viewers.

    Instead of $600+ /year for HD PPV's, see them on network for say, $11 a month including other stuff? That's worth it.
  2. Depends how much the network is monthly.
  3. I can't see it being higher than $15-$20 a month maximum.

    I pay £19/month for 5 Sky Sports channels. $20 for 1 channel is steep man.
  4. Well, depending on how much they charge per month it would be good for them, if it's too low I don't see how this is a good move for them.
  5. Your parents pay*

    This is WWE remember. So I can't watch RAW if I don't subscribe? Unless I stream ofc but yeah I don't see this going down well.
  6. I pay for TV, they pay phone & broadband.
  7. Smart move if they can find that right price alignment. Not too high but still high enough to let them make a profit.
  8. I think it's a risky move, due to being something new (in the wrestling business, of course). But then again, Wrestlemania was also a new concept that was a lot riskier than this one and look where we are now.
  9. I'm not sure if they have nailed down a price yet or not, but I know I read before that WWE had done a survey asking people if they would pay between $7 and $12 each month for the WWE Network if it were available as part of a special package with other channels included. So I'm not sure if it'll be in that price range or not.

    Does anyone know the latest update on when they think the network will be available?
  10. Very late 2012/Early 2013
  11. Thanks, Jonathan!
  12. will wwe network be in the UK or will it stay on sky sports and box office O.O
  13. Hopefully it will stay on SS. I really can't be affording yet more monthly bills to be added.
  14. I just pirate all of the ones that cost anyway :dawg:
  15. Me too, I never get to watch it live anyway with having work on the Monday, so I just get a hold of it the day after.

    Still, if this subscription isn't expensive I'd be tempted to pay for it.
  16. how do you pirate them. i use dailymotion :O used to torrent but that takes fking ages
  17. @[Pedobear], I torrent from a premium tracker and 99% of files are seedboxed (the one you signed up for, lol.)

    And I doubt WWE Network will be available in the UK any time soon. Probably stick with Sky Sports & SBO.
  18. I'll have to try the one you gave me :lol1: but you just upload everything so i watch them on your youtube instead of torrenting
  19. I don't use torrents Peds. I use usenet, then use a torrent if I really need to.
  20. :win:
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