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    The scene opens with a turning on of a camera. It is set down on the table, revealing Nick sitting on a couch. This is the first real view since Summerslam, and there are a few noticeable changes. His hair has grown out longer and is a bit messier, his once clean shaven face is now bearded, and he appears to be under the influence of some sort of drug. He licks his lips and begins talking.

    "I can't do anything anymore... I go to buy food and water so I can live like a normal human being and I'm hounded by fans and media. My family, my girlfriend, my friends are all effected by you lousy pieces of shit. They're interrogate almost every day. Hell, I can't even be safe in my house anymore because they've found it too! So I'm ending it here."

    He pauses and reaches over and takes a swig out of a bottle of Hennessy. He sets it down and continues.

    "Ever since day one, I've been the best. But I've never gotten any respect. I've been left to toil with the lowest of the low. I've scarcely been given an opportunity - and when I got one I made the most of it. After Mania, I turned my career around. I tore the roof off the place... on the pre show. Just like how at Summerslam 2013, I shined bright, but on the pre show. You'd think 6 months after my debut I'd have at least been able to get on the card. But after being denied my rightful title, the idiots that run the shithole called IWT made me have another title match. And I stole the show. Big surprise. And of course, even as a champion, I was still disrespected. 'Lol, X-Deadvision' was all I ever got. Not a 'Good job Nick! You're doing great'. Or even a simple CONGRATS."

    He gets up and walks to a plaque showcasing all the titles he's held. He grabs the X-Division championship, reading his name and the dates of his reign.

    "This was supposed to revitalize my career... I defeated the likes of Frie and The Artist - who have been given way more than I ever have, and for what? How does The Artist get nearly FIVE world championship opportunities and I still haven't gotten one? This title led me to this briefcase... Alias Antonio was mine. I dominated the IWT for months..."

    He looks at the title and stares blankly.

    "Jwab... Trevor... Aiden Ryan. Without me, they're nothing. Trevor Raynor doesn't exist if it wasn't for Nick. Aiden Ryan never gets to showcase his skills without Nick. Jwab never returns and dethrones Nick without Nick bringing him back. And I don't get an OUNCE of credit for reviving the biggest joke of a title in IWT history. And Jwab, you've got a lot of work to do. I set you up, no doubt about it. I don't know who you're defending against and I don't care. You're going to realize that the title isn't worth it. I restored the X-Division... without me the X-Deadvision returns. Just like it is to the IWT, this title is dead to me."

    He throws it on the ground and kicks it out of the way.

    "I created the future of IWT, not fatass Jonathan or dumbass Trip. That tournament wasn't the doing of either of them, it was ME. I am the next big thing in wrestling. I am the future... No. I WAS the future. You're about to realize how big of a mistake you've made. And it's already too late to correct it. There's no stopping me now... No amount of false promised title shots and begging will do you any good. "

    He sits down and looks into the camera.

    "And I'm not pussying out to Dat Kid's shitty promotion like everyone who couldn't win in IWT or trying to help Senhor rebuild his forsaken company. I'm done. Will I come back? Only time will tell. But I do know this... I'm saying goodbye to the IWT. And IWT is saying goodbye to its future. IWT is saying goodbye to Mr. Money in the Bank. IWT is saying farewell to Nick."
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  2. OOC: So the MITB briefcase is going vacant or retiring?
  3. If someone else has to take the role...

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