Breastfeeding gone awry

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  1. :dafuq: IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?

    Call PETA right NOW! :angry:
  2. I really pretty much didn't know what to say about that. lol Ugh, people kill me.
  3. I hate to judge but I am sorry...
    That is just wrong and sick on about 9,000 levels.
    What the heck has to be wrong in a woman's head to say "Hmm, I will breast feed my dog today!"
    Poor kids have got to be all kinds of messed up.

  4. I know!! I mean, I know it says her children "couldn't" breastfeed, but what kind of person then looks at their dog and thinks, "hmm, let's try you!" That's just all kinds of messed up.
  5. /me scratches his head, then takes a deep breath. He picks up the paper and looks at it as he shakes his head.

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  6. Her poor kids will be known as the Pound Puppies in school. :sad:
  7. Oy...I just had a thought.

    If she's married, I wonder what her husband thinks / thought?
  8. A sane man?

  9. She obviously has mental issues. Call children's aid ASAP. This is the kind of stuff you see in horror movies. Now we wait until the dog becomes some sort of dog/human hybrid. A Mog, like Barf from Spaceballs! :blown:
  10. lmao.... I was waiting for someone to appreciate that.
  11. This is literally insane. Wow.
  12. Poor dog....
  13. I hope they don't have any other pets. Lord only knows what they'd do with a hamster :eww:
  14. By the dog, or the mention of the hamster?
  15. Everything. :gusta: :ksi:
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  16. Gotta' love the kinky freaks on this forum. :otunga:
    I figured the part where she talks about it tickling and her being able to feel the teeth was what cinched the arousal for you.
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