Storyline Brian Goes To Wal-Mart

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  1. *Brian Mandela wears his leather jacket reading, "I'm to cheap for malls"*

    "Let's see what we need? maybe let's go to the poster section.

    *Walks over to the posters*

    "I wonder if there's any Marlena nudes? Aha, i found the perfect thing *He picks up a Dazzle poster* we could do something with this. Hey lets go to the frozen items section, *he picks up a block of cheese* Whoa! This smell's as stale as Aids personality! lets get it anyways. Now what do we need?......OH YEAH we need some tools, *Walks over to the tool sections* let's ask this guy if he knows about the tool i need.

    *Walks Over to the employee*
    Hey i need a tool and it ain't you, it's big and round at the tip and you probably don't have one! HAHA *He screams with a raspy laugh* No! really though i'm looking for a rench, 'It's over there the guy says' Thanks.....SAY YOUR WELCOME *Brian says while holding the cheese as a gun* 'Your welcome the guy says'

    Okay, rench, rench....* a couple of young guys come up and introduce themselves and ask for an autograph*
    "Sure thing guys, here's your, and here's yours"
    "Are you really that crazy (Loose Cannon)" they ask
    "Not really..It's all your perception of reality!" *he says while bashing the cheese over his head*
    *They run away*
    "Why some good guys, they look almost as scared as Alias Antonio when he see's me walking down the hall, now time to go home but first let's check to find Dat Kid's former shell here! Nah i have it at my house!"

    *He walks up to the checkout counter*

    "Your total is $167.78," says the young man.
    "What, GIVE IT TO ME FOR FREE!" Brian says while pulling out his Glock which he called The Crock.

    *He's driving his Prius* I care for the environment to HAHA * He says with a raspy laugh and he starts singing "Don't You Forget About Me" With the cop sirens in the background."​