Storyline Brian Has a Message For Gav!

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  1. *Dazzler is shown picking out his pants, in a closet with all the same pairs when all of a sudden Brain Mandela attacks him, he punches his back gaining an advantage, but all of a sudden Dazzler starts fighting back with the i-hit-you routine, he takes Brian to the ground, but a low blow takes Dazzler to the ground, Brian starts kicking him, He takes his body to the ring!*

    "Gav! You See this piece of trash! He's your future reflection!"

    *All of a sudden, Dazzler starts fighting back, taking Brian to the ground! Dazzler get's a chair that he smashes over Brian's head resulting in crazy amount of blood loss! Dazzler starts taunting on the ropes with his music playing when Brian tips Dazzler over the rope and attacks him with everything he's got!*

    *Crazy Blood Loss* "Gav you see.....*Breath's heavily* that's you whether it's You, Trip and I in a 3-way battle at Uprising or just a plain 1 vs 1 match!....Breathing Like Crazy, Same with blood* i will not only release you from your demons! i will have you on the endagred animals list, under "Bitch" on the list because when i'm done with you, your face would have looked like Sir Lee's ass, filled with crap!

    I'm warning you! *Said really profanely* I Don't call ***************** 9.1.1! ​
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