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  1. Anybody else here a Pillman fan?

    IMO Brian Pillman is a forgotten legend. His loose cannon gimmick was ahead of it's time, and he was on the front line of the wrestling boom in the mid 90s with stints in all 3 major companies WCW, WWF, and ECW

    His short '96 ECW run is classic (shitty sound, turn your speakers up)

    This promo to me is an all time great promo. The crowd is worshiping him, and he goes ball deep on them

    His stint in WCW prior to this was also great. It was the start of his loose cannon gimmick, and also a time when he put on excellent matches before the car accident that nearly killed him and severely hampered his athletic ability

    A short match with Eddie

    A way old school match with Taker (Mean Mark)

    Pillman vs Austin (formerly the Hollywood Blondes, tag team champs)

    Good Guy Flyin Brian Pillman vs Jushin Liger in a classic match

    Part 2

    Loose Cannon vs Bischoff promo

    Pillman vs Pencil

    After his '96 ECW term he moved on to WWF, and while his wrestling was never the same, his character was as good as ever

    Classic segment with Austin, Owen, and Pillman

    More Pillman/Owen

    Pillman's XXXFiles lmao.

    Of course his most notorious segment, Pillman's got a gun

    Last TV match

    RIP Pillman

  2. Pillman was one of my favorites. Loved him as a kid when he was a fan favorite in wcw in the early 90s. The Hollywood blondes are hands down my favorite tag team of all time. Their feud with dustin Rhodes and Barry windham was awesome.
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  3. That's awesome. Pillman the fan favorite was before my time, but I've gone back and watched a ton of his work in WCW including as many Hollywood Blonde's matches as I could get my hands on. I had vague recollections of him from WWF in the 90s, but being the wrestling nerd that I am I've gone back and watched a ton of WCW & WWF from the mid 90s and he always stood out to me. His Loose Cannon persona is one of the most underrated gimmicks ever.. people say ECW was attitude before the attitude era, well so was Pillman. The promo I posted of his making fun of 'smart marks' in ECW is one of my favorite promos ever
  4. One of the best Jr. Heavyweights ever, and one of my favorite characters.
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  5. he was before my time, but i think i remember seeing austin come to his house and beat em up when i was like 5.
  6. He was a good worker and had a great gimmick, completely underrated.
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  7. Didn't know him hardly at all to be honest. Boss thread nonetheless.
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