Storyline Brian Visit's Middlesbrough

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    "Welcome Piglets, Tigger here! haha just kidding i'm standing in front of Middlebrough 278.42 miles away from my home town, Your Damn Mind.

    "Why i'm here, well because i want a chat with my bff Gav or even his family!"

    *Brian Walks Over To A Sign That Says Welcome To Middlesbrough*

    "Haha more like welcome to my dick! *He laughs and spray paints dick over the city name* Now lets see some attractions here in this place!

    *Brian goes to Middlesbrough mall*

    "Whoa that took a long time! No wonder Gav's mindless, i only saw 1 school on my way here and it was for the mentally handicapped! So what's first? Aha! Hot Topic, that's where the cool, hip young piggys go right? *He asks the camera man and he enters Hot Topic* Let's see if i can find some jeans i can tear up.....WTF! They already tore them up! i'm buyin!

    *A flip transition happens and Brian has bags of Hot Topic in both hands*

    "Now lets go see something else! Maybe i can find some girls! *He walks over to Victoria's Secret* Hey there massive girls on the windows! HEY HOT ONE GIVE ME A HUG! *Camera man says their not real and Brian gets upset* Oh well let's check some other landmarks.

    "Speaking of marks what about Gav's family, now i went on the "web" and found his address, 1514, Ihavenotalent street! Nah! i found it and i'm going to see his family!

    *It switches and It shows Brian at Gav's front door, knocking*
    *A girl answers and looks very irritated and ask's, yes!*

    "Whoa! CALM DOWN, before the Loose Cannon goes all lose on your ass, biotch!
    Girl: "First of all, who are you and what the fuck is a loose cannon, and if your looking for my brother Gav he's out traveling the wold with his job unlike you!"
    Brian: "Whoa tits, oh wait i mean't toots!, i'm apart of IWT and Gav asked me if i can join you and your family with an interview!"
    Girl: Fine come in but if you touch something i'm going to break your neck, and stab your eyes!"

    *Brian at the camera :damn:*

    Girl: "Mom, Dad some jack ass is here to talk to you"
    Brian: "Is this how you treat all your guests?"
    Girl: "No Just you!"

    *Gav's parents walk down*

    Brian: "Mr and and Mrs Chav, i was wondering if you know your son's an asshole?!"
    Gav's Dad: Whoa, watch it son, i allowed you in here for an interview not a rip on Gav fest!"
    Brian: "Well sir your ho...i mean daughter let me in and you do know i'm not your son?"
    Gav's Mom: "Please Brian just start the interview!"
    Brian: "Do you expect Gav to beat me at Uprising?"
    Gav's Dad: "He's facing you? haha, let me tell you something kid, my boy is far more mannered then you and kick your but in the ring!"
    Brian: "Well let me tell you something, i know your eyes and your genital's aren't working but i'm not a boy i'm 27 and your son says **** every 5 seconds...:silva:

    Gav's Mom: "Watch your language in this house you rude dumbo!"
    Brian: "I'm sorry Mrs. **** i won't Fucking curse any more you can be damn sure about that!"
    Brian: "What's your opinion on Gav's wrestling career?"
    Gav's Dad: "Well, Tehe, It's far better than yours, and by far it will be better than your wasteful career, Johnny B. Cool deserves that match!"

    *Brian Attacks Gav's dad and stabs him in the arm with a fork and beats him into a bloody polp and rips his teeth out and drinks his blood and rubs it on his shirt while laughing like Brian Pillman, his mom and sister run shreaking and call the cops!*

    *The end depicts Brian with a doughnut singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" with cop sirens in the background!*

    PS: Gav has allowed me to make this thread and in no way is intended to hurt Gav's true feelings or cause controversy!
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