Storyline Brian's Got A Message For Lord Lee, Gav and Dazzler!

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen, i'm Horace Tekinwayway and i'm here with Brian Mandela!

    *Brian Mandela is shown wearing a leather vest with no shirt and blue jeans with combat boots and a with a clean shaved head*

    "Listen up Ho-Race you shut your mouth because i'm not in the mood for your little character and if you know what's good for yourself you would shut your mouth. About my last match against Nick, i lost fare and square but that don't mean he's better. Dazzler is nothing he;s a damn rip off i'm the man that kick's ass and like's to drink some during it! He got what he had coming to him! I don't have to prove myself to nobody and no one is going to try to make themselves look better, greater then i am, Brian 9:MM is the new thing in town Dazzle, not your sorry ass that, When i'm done with you i will be done with everything in my list and if you want to think your going to do something in retaliation, haha, there's another thing coming to you son! *Stomp's his foot 5 times* You hear that? Well i tell you what that represents kid, it represents me stomping one into Dazzle's scrawny homo ass! Gav.......He was nobody and just like i said, i don't have to prove my self to nobody! His homo ass is in trouble because when Brian 9:MM is done with him he won't be Mrs. Chav's little Miracle anymore but he will be Dazzle's little bitch carrying his bags every where.

    Horace: "What About Your Title Picture?"

    "My title picture? Son, i will have a title when i want one! i don't need a Michael Not-Going Buffer. To be asking me questions the world already knows!...... I am as Stone Cold as you can get, When you look at me, The Loose Cannon what do you see?
    Horace: "I Don't Kn-"
    "It's the man that's going to kick your little scrawny ass any minute for answering a rhetorical question again! I ain't tense i'm done waiting in line, I Won't Do What You Tell Me!!! i do what Bran 9:MM wants and there ain't one person on this planet that can do anything about it! As far as who is on my shitlist, The man's name is simply known as Sir Lee! You sit their drinking your tea, eating your crumpets! acting like you own the place! The only thing your going to be owning when i'm done wtih ya is the bullet the doc is going to pull out of your ass, Son!. Why? because Brian 9:MM says i just shot your ass! Because i don't call 9.1.1!.....Because I Said So! *Throws Mic away*