Storyline Brian's Injury

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  1. *He walks out with his usually get up and sways away from everyone trying to tag his hand*

    "Shut that garbage off! You see my match with the Dat Kid V2 also known as Unknown will be taking place at IWT Mania! He thinks he can beat the toughest S.O.B ever on this world! But even the toughest S.O.B can't get injured!"

    *Crowd has mixed reaction*

    "Last night when i was thrown out of the ring by Trip and was beat on by Aids and Kaizer! Those sum bitches broke 2 of my ribs! I've been told i need emergency surgery before any more damage is done!"

    *Crowd Stars Chanting Bri-An Bri-An*

    "Nick you said i'm not takin seriously! Nero says i'm boring, Bryant says i have an ego! Well after this surgery i will come back just before Mania to whip your ass, Unknown! and Whip everybodies ass as well! Because when i come back i will raise more hell and more ass kicken than ever! before! I will leave with broken ribs, and come back with a big fat can of whoop ass to open on all you sum bitches!"

    *He throws up two fists and walks away up the ramp with his arms raised and his head lookin down*

    OOC: In actuality i have major test deciding my recruitment in 2 years when i graduate UIC, i need to study and i spend most of my time in the IWT section so, i'm basically putting a self inflicted suspension, @Delik add me to the injured list please. ​
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