Kayfabe 'Briefcase' Ben Song

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  1. *Ben Song is seen walking the hallways of the backstage of the Exodus arena, he bumps into Thomas Drago accidentally knocking him down, Ben then extends an arm and helps Drago to his feet*
    Drago: Ben, you've just found out that your feast or fired briefcase is the briefcase for Robert Blake's World Heavyweight Championship. Do you have anything you would like to say about this?
    Ben Song: Well, to be honest Drago I'm still quite shocked that it's just happened.
    Drago: Any idea when you're going to be cashing the case in?
    Ben Song: Before we can even think about cashing in Tom we have to deal with that scoundrel that's known as The Webmaster. Speaking of him I think I'll address him personally right now. Todd, yeah I remember when you called yourself that, you better be ready to fight me because I don't let traitor's live without a punishment being given to them by my own hands. I believe the fans will agree when I say that you don't deserve to be rubbing elbows with me. I mean you haven't even won a match yet. That sack of shit Ty Creed even beat you and we all know that I could easily put him down for a three count. So Webby I hope you've been getting some training in because at Warrior's Way you're not gonna be able to beat this raging, raving lunatic.
    *Ben Song walks away from Thomas Drago towards his locker room when he reaches the door Ben turns to the camera and says*
    Ben Song: Ty Creed, as for you I imagine you're already shaking in your boots but don't worry I won't hurt you too bad I want you to take the IC title off of that lame excuse for a man Luis Alvarado 'cause he doesn't even deserve to be in the same company as people like Lukey and myself with the way he treats the staff around here. Then again you're an asshole aswell aren't you? Hmm I guess I don't really care who has the IC title.
    *Ben Song walks into his locker room and closes the door. The camera then pans to Thomas Drago who tells the crowd when they can watch Warrior's Way*
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