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    Hours later, Danny Jacobs and Alkatrz come across an interviewer after working out for 48 hours straight. He walks up to them to comment on what Michael said.

    Interviewer: Hey, Danny Jacobs? Can I ask you a couple of questions?

    ''Give me all ya got. Tiny guy, haha. You're not even 7 ft tall, you fucking dwarf.''

    The interviewer looks a bit scared at Danny Jacobs

    ''Don't feel intimidated, I won't hurt you. Haha, dumb fuckboy. Go ahead and shoot them questions.''

    Interviewer: Uhm... Okay.. Can I.. -uh- ..get a response from you directed at Michael's challenge? A Steel Cage match at the Slammy's?

    ''HAHAHAHAHAHA! That little **** wants to challenge me for a match? Alright then. He can go ahead and challenge me for whatever he wants, but that won't make his character or himself any more interesting. He's the same generic nobody that he always was. Nobody wants him here and nobody needs him here. He's nothing and he won't progress my career here in any way possible but if he wants a little bit of our spotlight, he can get a little if that's what makes him so damn happy. We are always ready for a fight, and come Slammy's, that will be no exception. The Big Guy and I just trained for 48 hours straight! ''Normal'' people aren't able to do that, but we're not just human. We're special men, or should I say special guys.. We're The Big Guys, and whilst this might be the fight of YOUR life Michael, this is just a warming-up for me. Come Slammy's, you're just the beginning. After that, everything we will do is going to matter because at Royal Rumble, not only will we beat down that scum Aiden Ryan but one of us is going to win the Rumble as well. You're just a little snack. IWT Mania is where the big boys play, right? Well believe me, there's nobody bigger than us. Haha, The Big Guys!''

    Danny Jacobs and Alkatrz hug eachother. It looks really sensitive and intimate, actually pretty gay. Alkatrz suddenly grabs Danny Jacobs' ass and Danny Jacobs steps away.

    ''Wooooow, Big Guy, that's a bit too far man. Take it easy.''

    Alkatrz: I'm sorry Not So Big, Big Guy, I got lost in the moment. I just... I love you, man.

    ''It's okay Big Guy. I love you too. We're 4 life.''

    Danny Jacobs and Alkatrz start hugging eachother again. After about 20 seconds, they stop hugging and they seem to leave together, but Danny Jacobs returns to say something quickly.

    ''Oh, haha. Dumb me, I forgot something. I'm ONLY going to face you under one small, but important, stipulation. You see: It hurts others to see you run people their careers into the ground. I may have saved Alkatrz's career but there are tons of others that you can ruin just by having them in a stable with you. My stipulation won't be something that has happened a million times already. When I win, and believe me, I will.. You can never make or be in a stable/tag team ever again in your life. Me and Alkatrz may have been wise enough to fight the evil that is you, but there are tons of dumb people that will have their career killed before it has even started if I don't put a stop to this right now. I'm just saving them from you. So, bring it if you dare. Haha, The Big Guys!''

    Interviewer: Thank you very much.

    ''Yeah, you're right. Fucking thank me. Jew!''

    Danny Jacobs and Alkatrz walk off together, to go to the nearest nightclub.

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