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  1. Crowd React very surprised with a few enthusiasts and all plants begin to dance to his music. The stage has two inflatable palm trees are either side, attached to the floor as they blow from the fan. Cortez walks through the curtain, with his surfboard in hand as he flops his body to his theme, he waves to the fans as he heads to the ring which has been resigned to have a wooden ring design banner, some tiki torches in the back corners, a hammock and a few coconut glasses on a wooden pine table, Danny enters the ring by sliding his surfboard in the ring and slides in, he then continues to flop to the beat of his theme before it dies down and he gets a microphone from the ring assistant.

    Danny Cortez: Aloha IWT, to all you shoobies and emmas, Two days ago, I was on this very board, tunneling the narley waves Australia gets when I shouted "AKAW!" Brosefs I had a eureka moment, I realized I was signed here and I haven't engaged in the activities IWT can give me. So I am extending an invitation to someone in the back there, grab your board and catch this awesome wave. It doesn't matter if your rad, bogluis or just bammerwee. Lets start a Barnie right here, Native or Benny, Brah or Brodaddy, come on down to the shake and show Cortez what you got!

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  2. The arena goes dark for a moment, and a sharp static can be heard throughout the arena. The titantron begins to show the fuzz a TV would normally show. The static finally stops, and a camera can be heard being adjusted. After a few moments of ruffling, the camera is set down, but pitch black is still the only thug seen. A small, faint light coming from a match can be seen. The light begins to move and goes over a candle, illuminating the room. It reveals Nick's face, a cocky smile on his face.

    "Haha so we're nearing the IWT slammys and I'll be making my televised return... the question is how? I'm locked up, as is VP, as are my people. How are we gonna be there? You'll see, in due time. I've been thrown into this asylum and forgotten, just like before. I CANT stand it. Being ignored, forgotten - it eats me to my core. I said a few weeks ago that I'd be breaking out of this hell hole and returning to dominate the IWT... and guess what? It's happening. So Cortez, I'll gladly accept your challenge. I'm coming."

    He blows out the candle and the feed stops, turning the lights back on in the arena.

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  3. Good luck to both of y'all, I'll definitely be reading it:
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