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  1. Midas and Drake walks out to the ring, dressed as per usual in a tailor made suit with their belts resting on their shoulders. Midas grabs a microphone before stepping into the ring. He looks out at the IWT fans with a cocky smirk on his face before he starts to speak.

    Midas: The following is a public service announcement paid for by the Lion and the King, the Desperadoes of the IWT and your reigning and defending IWT Tag Team Champions. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to IWT's money hour!

    For months we have held these belts, for months, we have defined professional wrestling, and for months, we have defined what a tag team is. Two men, brought together by faith and chance that click like two missing pieces of a puzzle coming together, and just like that, magic is made. We're closing in on the birthday of the Desperadoes and we figured that that calls for a celebration. And we have a real party planned people!

    Drake: If you watched the premiere episode of the greatest IWT talk show of all time, the King's Court. You will already know this. But since some of you are a bit behind on the news: Allow us to illuminate you. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gym rats and neckbeards, please, divert your attention to the titantron.

    The titantron comes alive with a hyped up video package, showcasing some of IWT's greatest tag teams, all the previous champions and all the biggest moments in the tag team division. Before it ends on a still frame image.


    Drake: Brought to you by the Desperadoes, the 2014 IWT Wildcard Tag Tournament! And 16 man, 8 team single elimination tournament to crown new number one contenders for our titles....but with a twist! Every team is drawn on random!

    Midas: Enemies could become partners, friends could become rivals. Relationships will be put to the test and every pro wrestler taking part will have to prove that they truly are dynamic to survive in this type of environment. And to those two that make it all the way to the end, a shot at eternity awaits them.

    Drake: Our GM (@Trip in the Head ) might not like protein shakes that much, but he loved this idea! And he greenlit it immediately. So we are putting out the call.

    Midas: If you think that you have what it takes to dance with gods, to sword fight with legends and climb the most dangerous of mountains: Then sign up. Any contracted IWT star can partake, and we are looking for 16 brave men, women and transexuals to take part in this adventure. And we'll be the final boss at the end. All you have to do, is sign up.

    OOC (open)
    If you want to be in this tournament, just write in this threat that you are in, you can do it in character or out of character I don't mind. But try to avoid physical confrontations, if you want to talk smack then talk smack, but lets keep fisticuffs to a minimum.

    Paging the roster:
    @Aids Johnson
    @Hollywood Jwab
    @Gav the Champ!
    @Just Kevin
    @The ReagMaster
    @Ovalhead Le Jobber
    @Ami Ennemi
    @DK James

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  2. I'm gonna enter, doing it out of character though due to me just doing a promo...

    Leo Taylor is in.
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  3. Count Rita in.
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  4. I'm in. By me I mean me and Aids btw.
  5. roger, I cannot guarantee you guys ending up on the same team. But if your post means both u and aids I will put both of yous down
  6. I work alone. I apologize.
  7. It wouldn't be the same without dazzle
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  8. Maybe I'll return.
  9. i cannot pass up this opportunity, even though my career may be done at survivor series. i'm in anyway.
  10. Michael: Oh God no
  11. I'm in, what's my number?
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  12. The one which matches up with me,call me maybe.
  13. Wouldn't be the same without Gav. No thanks.
  14. You are my fire, the one desire. Believe when I say I want it that way.
  15. That's a total of six people being in so far (seven if Nero is game).

    FYI even if we don't reach 8 teams total we will run this, I'll just rework it to a round robin tournament instead with the team with the most points getting the shot.
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  16. winner winner chicken dinner
  17. I'll throw my hat in too, why not.

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