Storyline Bringing the spoiled pie back in time

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  1. *In the chamber, Boston, Duggan @DX2006 and the Council, everyone is staring at a chocolate pie dropped on the floor, Leo observes*
    Mike: Well?
    Leo: Indeed.... hmmmmm.......
    Morty: I found it hear master, it is chocolate.
    Leo: I saw this pie somewhere... yes! I did, I knew this pie!!!
    Mike: GASP! HOW?!
    Leo: We went roller skating every thursday night until I had to attend more duties with the panda! He must of wanted to visit me! How was I such a fool??!?! He fell and now he's with the mighty vulture...*sniff* ... I mourn this loss of a great friends.... wait a minute. *Sniffs the pie* This happened only 6 hours ago! We have a chance! We must bring this pie back in time to save its life!
    Mike: Time travel? I thought that was a myth!
    Leo: It's far too real to be true! We must begin the process now!
    Mike: Let me guess, its requries a challenging journey full of tests, aquissitions of expensive artifacts and sacrifces?
    Leo: No haha! We got to dance! Hit it Beacon!
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  2. Dexx: Time travel? I need by time guitar then! Jason!
    *Jason gives Dexx a red electric guitar,he plugs it in and he starts playing, the council starts to dance*
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  3. *The coutinues to dance for hours*
    Leo: I feel the power of time! *Dances towards the candles lighting the room, blows theme out, Dexx stops playing the guitar, silence for 5 minutes, then the door opens and a crew member walks in and turns on the lights, the pie is now on the table like nothing happeened to it and everyone is standing around it*
    Crew Member: Uhhh, i'll come back later.
    Leo: MARTIN!!! You're alive! And i'll so go roller skating with you next week! Anyway sit, we have to address something, alright now, this matter dicusses Boston and Beacon, its about "The Great X" , the 2 of you both have a chance of bringing the X here to The Council, but only one of you can walk away, "The Possessor of the X".
    Mike: Master, I just got to know Da Beacon I cannot go to battle against him!
    Leo: It's in the Prophecy Mr.Boston, The Great X represents the 20 pounds on the waist that lights you towards the key. The Panda will decide who will be the possessor of such artifact, this isn't in anyone's control...
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  4. Dexx: Master, I've been to battle with the current possessor and failed, what if he still remains possessor after this is over?
    Leo: ... ... ... ... *Meditates* There's a dark cloud in that future according to The Panda, I cannot tell
    Dexx: With all do means, Boston is the chosen one, he should-
    Leo: No! You have a chance as much as Mr.Boston, if you become possessor, maybe Mike will possess something even greater...
    Dexx: Does anything exist that's greater?
    Leo: 20 times yes... 20 times no... I need 4 geese to know that and The Panda must be at his Saturday night Ping Pong session to figure that out... but right the current target is The Great X. So I must ask you Beacon, are you ready the go battle with such Hedgehogs and Mice?
    *Dexx looks at the Contruction Worker in the room, he hands him a guitar in the shape of an X*
    Dexx: Let the spruce in enlighten my path of music!!!!! *plays a chord*
    Leo: YES! HAHA! Boston! Are you ready!?
  5. Mike: MORTY! *Morty throws an egg at Boston's chest, looks at Leo*
    Leo: No screaming... ... ... ... .. .. ... .. you've been ready for weeks!!! HAHA! Then let the light years of The Falcon give us joy! Let the Walrus' hammer hit down on the wood as Moose screamed!!! Onward! TO THE BATTLE!
    *Council commences to B-Line it towards the door*
    Jason: WAIT!!!! *Everyone stops* Didn't the director schedule this in 4 days?
    Leo: Oh. We will go, in 4 days! Until then *picks up Martin the pie* I'm going to bond with Martin, Beacon and Boston I want you to do Dingla Practice 35-
    Mike: 35?! Starting on a Sunday!? Are you mad?!
    Leo: Its the 2013th year it's logical. You 2 go, i'll see you in 2 days, council, the rest of you dismissed
    *Mike and Dexx look at each other and run out of the room, the rest of the council members begin to leave*
    Leo: Oh and Susan!
    *Susan, the old lady, stops*
    Leo: Don't forget the Cherry next meeting. Mr.Boston can use it...
    Susan: Oh yes, of course Master!
    *leaves, camera now changes to parking lot as the camera man follows Dexx and Mike as the run out of the arena*
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  6. Dexx: Master Wang sure picked the perfect night for this Practice...
    Mike: We don't even have a gardening hose!
    Dexx: Patience Boston we'll have to buy one, in the meantime I have the peanut butter and the measuring stick in the back seat of my stallion you can commence to start that phase, now lets move! Clock is ticking!
    *they run to Dexx's jeep, the license plate now says "HAIL PANDA" they, floor it out of the arena, cut off traffic as they get on the road, this ends the scene*