Ring of Honor Briscoe's leaving RoH?

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  1. If so, then I guess the title is changing hands at the TV tapings. WWE could use them if they want a credible tag team division.
  2. Title didn't change hands at the taping. Hardy vs Briscoe is set for the next PPV I believe. Hope Hardy takes the belt. He's on fire right now in ROH.

  3. Strange, guess it's BS then.
  4. Nah, ROH are just confident they can get Briscoe for one more appearance. If not the ppv then I guess at the next taping which would be in July since ROH tapes one month of shows in one sitting.
  5. Matt Hardy as the ROH champ? I could dig that, but I know some rohbots will pissed as a bear when you wake him up.
  6. Good, fuck those guys. Judge the guy on his work not his rep of being a grapist.
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  7. Matt Hardy for World Champ then, I'd love that. But, I think it'd be strange if the Briscoes went to WWE. I don't know, I just don't think it'd work. I never liked the idea of Jay being World Champion anyway so this is good news for me.
  8. Hardy as ROH world champ would be gold. He has stepped up his heel work massively and better ring work and shape will come with working matches. And he can develop his character to hide his flaws.
  9. Pwinsider has some more on it on their elite section:

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  10. 2 weeks ago I would have said the Briscoes leaving for WWE was terrible. Now I actually have a bit of confidence that they won't be completely butchered before appearing on WWE TV.