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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Nano, May 10, 2013.

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  1. This thread is for people who wants to talk with Britanica in her IWT office, I've seen a lot of people talking to her in the Backstage section and thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for this, like that she may only have to search for this thread and know what you guys think.

    You know what to do next
  2. Nano i appreciate the effort but we all know the only one allowed in that office is Gohan
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  3. That's true Nino but there are seconds where he leaves and we can take that time
  4. He never came into my office. I think my cats scared him away.
  5. LOL, cool, I want your cats in my corner during my matches, I'll feed them after the match
  6. Thought the title was Britanica's orifice :ksi:
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    Alright, Britanica so... hey is that Goh... Is that Gohan under the table!?


    Christian: What the fuck!

    *Leaves office
  8. What!? He's not here... That's... My... Uhh... cleaning man.
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  9. You like Jonathan. :ksi:
  10. [​IMG]

    Cleaning and Man in the same sentence? Something is fishy around here. :willis:
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  11. Just pointing out he is sitting in my office chair & puked in my lunch. :mad2:
  12. *Sits on a chair
    Okay. So what's the plan?
  13. *stares at computer screen showing a youtube video of a cat*

    I was thinking....

    *continues to stare at computer screen*

    This cat is so adora-... Wait, what did you want?
  14. *Turns off monitor

    What's the plan?
  15. *gives a "dafuq" look*

    Well, I would imagine you are speaking of extreme rules, correct?

    Anyways, yeah.
  17. *squints*

    Well, I am thinking we will go along with the matches already scheduled & replace the ones that fell through, though, the US title has no one going for it right now so I am debating on whether to drop the belt or keep it.
  18. *whether
  19. Just throw the title on me. The more the merrier.
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