Bro Mans

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  1. What the hell is Dixie doing to The Bro Mans? Last Thursday against Gunner and Storm, the Bro Mans looked weak most of the match until the ending. And having them win by Gunner getting a DQ? I understand they did that to help the splitting of Gunner and Storm, but still you get my point. Oh, and the week before, having The TNA tag team champions, beat a team of anorexic lookin jobbers? Bro seriously? Idk, give them a good feud Dixie, and make 'em look a bit stronger, yeah? They are the Tag Champs afterall.
  2. Well, the Bro Mans had just beat Storm and Gunner, so I don't think them having a win over the champs like they did this week was that much of a problem for them (they are supposed to be sneaky heels, after all). And I feel like eventually they're going to feud with Fernum and Barnes, I don't really remember any other face teams out there (there's probably someone but none come to mind).
  3. The Bromans are undefeated since BFG, don't know wtf u're talkin about OP.
  4. Fernum and Barnes? Oh Gawd bro. NO
  5. This. They beat Gunner and Storm twice, and counting the DQ they are now 3-0. If you expected Robbie E to suddenly not be a coward heel, I think you're missing the point.

    I've liked everything so far, especially the ending of the match from impact. Oh, and DJ Ion is a beast.
  6. Totally. I mean who else in wrestling has their own personal DJ? Bromance is getting the push of their careers bro.
  7. I just hope they keep them for some time, considering all this time and effort they're putting into the BroMans