Brock Lesnar... (Raw Spoilers)

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  1. Everyone knows of the rumors of Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Championship either later in the year or sometime next year since Lesnar is pinned to appear and wrestle for WWE until Wrestlemania 31 in 2015. Hypothetically, it could happen anywhere in that time frame and it may turn out that Lesnar's job on the way out is in the main event of Wrestlemania 31 dropping the title to someone who may have been built up as the next main event star and this could be the ultimate rub as Lesnar exits the company (let's pretend...)

    Anyway, on Raw, Lesnar held up a prop/replicate of the World Heavyweight Championship in Triple H's office while he was trashing the place. He ended up trashing the WHC too but before he did, Paul Heyman made a remark that Lesnar will never get a title shot as long as HHH is in control of the company, and he said this as Lesnar held the title up and even put it over his shoulder. I have to say, that big gold belt looked just right on Lesnar, especially never having won it before in his previous stint in the company a decade ago.

    Now, maybe I'm looking too much into it, but what if the plan or at least potential plans (even if nothing is final yet) is that it's the World Heavyweight Championship that Lesnar is winning instead of the WWE Title? I know it wouldn't make much difference but it would be neat because the WHC nowadays is pretty much the modern day version of the IC Title, a title that is clearly the #2 championship in the company, not on the same level of the WWE Title at all, even though the company likes to pretend that they're both equally prestigious. But is Lesnar won it again, then it could easily start to seem (if only for a short time) just as important, which I'm cool with even with the brand split dead.

    If he won it this year, I could see the guy Ziggler loses the belt to being destroyed by Lesnar. He could even win the MITB ladder match as a way of saying that nothing HHH or anyone else can do can stop him from getting a title shot now. And at a later date, the poor soul who defeats Ziggler for the title is greeted by Brock Lesnar cashing in and destroying him. Or since Brock has no problem attacking heels, maybe Ziggler himself is destroyed by Brock, and Big E Langston himself if he decides to get in Brock's way.
  2. I could see Brock with the WHC around his waist. It would impact the Smackdown house shows I guess but they could just let the IC take more focus during those then (yeah right). And Brock could be represented by Heyman on show so he'd still have somewhat of a presence. Let's say that he dethrones Dolph. That won't impact Dolph at all since it would be a little bit of a rub.
  3. I like the idea tbh. The WHC desperately needs such a push.
  4. Does him taking out HHH office count as a Raw TV apperce!? Since he was not at Raw?
  5. If you mean does it count for one of his limited dates, I would have to say yes. He still had to fly out to Stamford and do a segment for them, which counts as working. It wasn't really any less work that he normally does by showing up and standing there while Heyman gives a promo or something.
  6. truth but that could have tape it from 3 weeks ago at a place that look liked the headcoud and just did post it until this week.
  7. That looked like the actual headquarters to me. I've seen the interior of it a few times before. Austin once took a tour through the place and had manure dumped in Vince's office.
  8. alot different back then. and it not hard to rent a build out and make it look like wwe headquarters deafily when u have the $$$$$ WWE has.
  9. It did look good but I think it doesn't mean anything, not a fan of part time champions.
  10. u may not but as long as video get money he going to do it! wether like it or not which is way The Rock won the wwe champion! :pipebomb:
  11. I felt bad when he was trashing the WHC title.