Brock Lesnar versus Frank Mir Part 3

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Paulie G, May 21, 2014.

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  1. Brock Lost in the first fight but SMASHED Him in the 2nd fight... What would happen in the 3rd?
  2. Come back to Taco Bell.
  3. Frank never should have taken Brock's strawberries.
  4. I think you wondered into the wrong sub-forum, son. This section is for WWE/wrestling, not UFC/sports.
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  5. Even with his injury issues Brock can still out power and smother Mir in a style similar to UFC 100. Frank can catch anyone sure but I don't see Brock falling for that again.
  6. Frank Mir hasn't won a fight since he broke Big Nog's shoulder in 2011 lmao. Holy shit.
  7. Yep he should retire for his own good, DC,Reem,Barnett and JDS is a tough schedule for anyone in the division though. Didnt he beat Big Country after Big Nog actually?
  8. I thought it was before. The UFC definitely doesn't do him any favors with his match ups.. He could use someone like Gonzaga or Ben Rothwell to get some momentum back. At least for the love of god stop booking him against guys with elite stand up who are clearly going to murder him like JDS and Reem.
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  9. I get more concerned when guys clinch with him (especially when Carwin did it a few years ago, god that was hideous)/ wrestle him, he'd sub Rothwell I'm sure but Gonzaga could be a problem for him IMO his ground game is legit and he's a big guy with power. Big Nog wants a 3rd match with him doesn't he? Do that as a retirement fight and I'm happy.
  10. I'm not a fan of having a 3rd fight when one dude won both of the first two.. especially when Mir won as decisively as he did both times. Go home Nog, back to feeding buses carrots in Brasil for you.
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