Summerslam Brock Lesnar

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  1. I think that this is going to be the last time we see Lesnar for a while, I think he will focus on UFC after this and I also think the match on Sunday is going to be a let down because of this

    I think it will be Suplex x10 and F5 and not much else

    Hope I'm wrong but I just get this feeling
  2. Sounds good to me. :brock4:
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  3. I'm sure there will be a decent RKO spot too. Maybe an F5 through a table, that'll be nice. It's gonna be a good one.
  4. I doubt Lesnar disappears after SummerSlam. He'll defeat Orton, for sure.

    And plus, he's likely to take the WWE Universal title off of either Bálor/Rollins.
  5. I think everyone's expecting to see F5 countered into RKO outta nowhere. That's gonna be dope.
  6. Is that the plan? How do you know?
    I hope he does win the title
  7. It's just seems like the route they're going to take next.

    The dude defeated Mark Hunt at UFC 200 and completely dominated Orton at SummerSlam. So, a high-profile feud is in order for The Beast Incarnate.
  8. I told you

    No way he returns to WWE now

    "Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do"
  9. It's nice for Lesnar to say that, but it's hardly accurate. Brock Lesnar did UFC because WWE allowed it. The bottom line is that he is under contract with WWE and legally he can't just leave WWE on his own and work for UFC simply because he wants to. If WWE wanted to prevent this from happening, they could.

    At the moment, it seems to me like it might be more in the WWE's best interests to allow him to do both if he wants to. But if he does, it will be with WWE's blessing, not against it.
  10. After last night I'm not sure I how I feel about Brock. That was a man taking liberties and doing as he pleased. Orton's not some scrub by WWE standards but Lesnar made him look like one.

    Felt like Brock was just there to get his shit in, get paid and leave. Not really in on making a good match.
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  11. I agree. If he's just going to be a guy who not only destroys EVERYONE he goes up against, but puts them through the reckless beating he put Orton through, then there's no point. Every top wrestler doesn't need to fall to this guy simply because he's Brock Lesnar.

    And if the beating was not supposed to be as severe as it was, if Lesnar took it upon himself to make it that severe, then I personally believe he has no business in a professional wrestling ring to begin with. If you don't even try to protect your opponent, then you're in the wrong business. Go do your MMA stuff, I would prefer.
  12. Nope I don't think that's right at all
    If Brock wanted to do UFC then vince would shit himself that he would lose his prize asset and bend over backwards to help him because if he quit he would cost vince a fortune in revenue and legal fees

    I think Brock gave WWE the big fuck you tonight, Shane looked pissed and I think he hurt himself on the F5

    Don't expect him to come back
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    Regardless, it's the correct information. He is under contract to WWE and has at least a year and a half on his contract. That contract prevents him from working for any competitor, including UFC. It was made very clear when he fought at UFC it was with WWE'S blessing.

    He can't just do whatever he wants when he's under contract.
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  14. I think that Brock simply displayed how arrogant and stupid he is. I don't think orton cut himself, I really feel that the ending wasn't supposed to go that way. I think Brock really caught him with an elbow, just like he did cena, and he got wreck less. Thus, orton gets hurt and can't continue the match at all, so we have WWE addlib the rest of the match and continue on. The Shane F5 might have happened no matter what.

    Brock has proven to be a cheater by taking steroids in UFC, he comes to WWE and acts like he has the same amount of credibility, and then he simply elbows the fuck out of ortons skull because he's an idiot.

    That match could've been so much better had it gone on longer. Fuck Brock.
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  15. Last night I was more apt to believe it went the way it was supposed to. Having a day to think about it, I am unsure. I still don't think he totally went off script because I think if he was beating the life out of Orton than security would have gotten involved. What I think is that he was supposed to beat down on Orton, and he just did it a lot rougher than he was supposed to do.

    But you're right, it got a conversation going.
  16. It was one of Brock's lesser matches, like wasn't really even a match. If he legit was going at Randy, he would have defended himself as well. Randy wouldn't have taken an unscripted irl beating like that. That is not to say Brock wouldn't have destroyed the dude... but still. He would have defended himself if it wasn't suposta happen.
  17. Oh I completely agree. As I put in another thread, if it was a completely unscripted beating, there are a lot of other things that would have happened. An unscripted beat down would never reach that level of severity for that long of a time. Randy would have defended himself better, security would have been down there to get Brock off him... someone other than Shane, who is really just an on screen character at this point, would have gotten involved. Hell I am sure if Lesnar really lost it, Paul Heyman would have been one of the first people in the ring as he and Lesnar are pretty close in real life. But Paul seemed completely unconcerned until Shane came in.

    So the two options are pretty much the entire thing was scripted, including the injury or it was scripted and Lesnar just hit harder than he was supposed to. But it was undoubtedly part of the story line or they would have sent someone other than Shane McMahon back there to help.
  18. I say it was scripted and Randy bled more then they intended. I know they wanted blood cause of all the crap McG was talking about WWE... Like they wanted a match to sell hard with blood to show hey, we got blood too (like the UFC). This is why this match was the main event. Vince wanted people talking and hats off to him, it worked. Also, Randy taking that kind of beating will set him up better for a nice face run. People feeling bad for him is a good start since he hasn't been around. Now he can play the hero and get his revenge... Likely Brock vs Randy at Wrestlemania.
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