Brock Lesnar's beard RETURNS!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Awesome! Looks a beast!
  2. I loved his beard so much. He'll no doubt shave it when he comes back to the E' though. :Cry:
  3. He should have a hunting show, like one where he bare knuckle boxes a bear.
  4. Somehow a tractor behind Brock seems right. He should come out on a tractor to the ring like the son of a dairy farmer he is.
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  5. Whilst I like this idea I think we should adapt it slightly so that he goes to Essex, Newcastle and Jersey and bare knuckle boxes certain arsewipes of certain tv shows.
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  6. That beard is gnarly! Keep it brock and come back soon. When will you be back brock? I miss you
  8. Love it.
  9. HAHAHA Stop.

    Yeah that basically!
  10. Am I blind or he kinda resembles Daniel Bryan in the picture?
  11. He looks like someone injected Bryan with Venom.
  12. Awesome beard.
  13. I want to see him wrestle a grizzly bear
  14. Still not as great as my beard. You can also bet he'll have it shaved when he returns to WWE next year. And what is that, an autograph signing?
  15. I wanna see the Kevin beard.
  16. In due time.
  17. Also anticipating the Kevin beard.
  18. He looks sexy I really hope he returns to WWE soon
  19. :cornette: