News Brock Lesnar's return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Aug 28, 2013.

  1. I want to see Punk go over at HIAC because the feud feels unfinished. RR no 30 entrance would be awesome though and then they set up a WM feud in that match.
  2. Thank god it will be Punk/Axel for HIAC. I honestly am really into their feud, as we all knew bork would only be around for a limited amount of time. They are really working that "heyman guy" angle well.
  3. Three PPVs in a row of Punk/Axel? Yikes. If they DO end up fighting at HIAC, then I seriously doubt they'll get a match inside the cell. Curtis Axel doesn't deserve a big match of that caliber, especially if they go with only cell match like they did last year.

    I was really hoping Punk/Lesnar would end up in the cell, as it would have been one of the best HIAC matches in years. But at least this way Lesnar walks into Wrestlemania looking strong with his last two matches being victories.
  4. Legit report. Heard they only have Brock for 3 PPV's a year, they've burned through them all already.

    Hope they have Punk get his comeuppance on Heyman in a big-time way to finish off this feud if they plan on using Bork in a big WM match against some other has-been jackoff.
    Punk gained a lot from having such a competitive match with Lesnar, and while I don't like having the 1 relevant star who could use the rub jobbing in his only match, you can't have Lesnar look weak before going up against Rock/Taker/someone. They're really booked in a corner here.

    If you want to have Brock go over somebody at RR setting up Punk/Taker II until WM where Punk gets his win to set Brock into the sunset, that's even better. Hopefully they go that road.
  5. I wonder what are the odds of Punk and Lesnar being for the WWE Title if they go with Punk/Lesnar II at Mania. If they really are serious about Punk being locked in for a Rumble victory and a WWE Title victory at Mania, then taking into account that they want Lesnar to win the WWE Title again some time in the future, it would be a good way of leading back to a Punk/Lesnar rematch. Punk could win the Royal Rumble while at the same event, Lesnar defeats someone for the WWE Title (Daniel Bryan? If he wins the title from Orton by the end of the year.) Punk/Lesnar for the strap at Mania makes sense in light of Heyman repeatedly saying that he wants to be in Punk's corner when the day comes for him to headline Wrestlemania. The only thing would be that Heyman would be in the corner of Punk's opponent instead, and it would cause Heyman much anguish mentally to see Punk defeat Lesnar for the WWE Title. The only thing I can't figure out is where that leaves Bryan after Mania as far as the WWE Title picture goes if Punk gets the belt at the event.
  6. Sounds about right. Hopefully they don't waste him.
  7. Do they? They will have to renegotiate a whole new contract for him then and I'm pretty sure Lesnar is happy with his part-time role.
  8. They can do better things with Lesnar and CM Punk's time. A long rivalry like that just seems so bad

  9. Yeah. It's been rumored since late last year and Lesnar was on the cover of Muscle and Fitness with a quote on the front saying he wanted to be WWE Champion again.

    I don't see why they'd have to negotiate a new contract for him to win the title. He likely would keep the belt no longer than Rock did (or perhaps only PPV more) and his existing contract is only expired after Wrestlemania 31. There's still plenty of time left.
  10. End of December or early January is what I expected WWE are not gonna waste brock's dates on pointless Raw's or PPV's when the big PPV's are next year. Im gonna miss him though
  11. :yay: he is gone!