Storyline Broken and Defeated

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  1. Michael is sitting in a hospital bed. Wearing a neck brace, with a tray of food on his lap. He is handed a small microphone which he adjusts to his collar, and begins to talk. The producer is heard saying "Tell them anything you want!"

    Michael: Rita Kendal...I applaud you. You shut me up - and began your climb to the top. Congratulations on your title win. Your ascent began with me. I can't stress it enough that you're on a highway to glory. Some might not know, but during my match with Rita Kendal - my neck was severely injured. After the Tiger Bomb off the top of the rope, I ruptured my C6 and C7 Disks in my neck which displaced my Invertebral disk. I had a successful surgery. The question may arise, when will I be back? Well the Doctors have said that I have a good chance of not returning but the rehab and recovery will likely take about 8-12 months.

    Michael: I really hoped that I would be able to finally rise up, but once again I failed. With this injury - it's going to give me time to really evaluate my time in the IWT. So far, it isn't going well. I've been spoon fed defeat, after defeat, after defeat. The IWT isn't what it used to be. It wouldn't break my heart If I never came back to the IWT. I would say that I thank the IWT for all the fun it's given me...but it hasn't. I've been running on empty for quite some time and this may be my way out. *Michael takes in a deep breath*. But this early, there's nothing I can say.

    Michael: I would like to take this time to address my left over business. Trip, my brother in arms, The Influence is in your hands for now, I hope that you can live up to the debt you owe me. I saved your life and you save my- Our influence. Now onto Rita, I've found new respect for your work. I respect what you're doing in the IWT and I expect to see you on top in the near future. Before IWTMania III, you challenged me to put my FTW Championship on the line. I may have not put it on the line at Mania, but I would like to formally award you with my title. Rita Kendal - IWT European Champion and FTW World Champion.

    The camera fades away. Michael is last seen with a humble smile on his face.

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